Top 10 Must Have Baby Items

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Having a baby is an exciting time in a womens life. Planning for the baby is just as exciting and with good cause, there are baby things to gather and a nursery to get ready for the little one who is joining the family. While there are necessities such as diapers and clothes, bottles and a place for baby to sleep, there are also those extra niceties that make life easier with a baby. Here are the top ten must have baby items every mother wants.

10. Glider Rocker

There’s something special about snuggling baby up against your chest while rocking them to sleep and a glider rocker makes the experience that much sweeter. Both mother and baby will enjoy the soft glide of the rocking chair on those nights when sleep just doesn’t want to come. A few minutes with a lullaby and gentle gliding back forth while in mother’s arms is often all that is needed to make the little one’s eyes heavy with sleep. Moms will also enjoy taking a much needed coffee break and relaxing in their rocker while baby sleeps. Dads shouldn’t feel left out, they can take their turn in the rocker with baby while mom gets some much needed sleep.

9. Combo Travel Set

Everyone knows you have to have a car seat in order to take a baby home from the hospital. However, having a combo travel set makes it much nicer to take the little one shopping, to the park or simply around town running errands. Combination travel sets are typically a stroller with a car seat that can attach to the stroller while the baby is little then be used as a toddler seat as they grow. Combo travel sets can be found in a variety of style with many different options, from a bassinet type seat in the stroller that transforms to a sitting position to ones that have extra sturdy wheels for joggers. The combo travel set with stroller and car seat is a gift that will be used for several years and is loved by mother and baby.

8. Adjustable Crib to Toddler Bed

Babies need a place to sleep and it might as well be a bed that grows with them. Adjustable cribs take baby from newborn to toddler with little more effort than removing the rails and lowering the mattress. These beds can usually be set up high for the months when baby is new and there is no danger of them pulling up and getting out. The raised mattress makes it easier for mom to reach the baby without bending over into the crib. These cribs also take away the fear out of moving to a toddler bed that many little tykes encounter and they save money for the parents. Adjustable crib- to-toddler beds are available in many styles and colors and can help mothers transform their nursery into a toddler room with ease when the time comes.

7. Travel Play Yard

Going to visit grandma can be a hassle, especially since grandma doesn’t usually have a crib of her own for the baby. A travel play yard solves the problem and makes it easy to take baby anywhere without worrying about where they will sleep. The travel play yard is great for letting baby sit and play as they begin to gain movement without worrying about them falling or hurting themselves. These play yards fold up for easy carrying. Grandpa will be relieved he doesn’t have to move his socks out of the dresser drawer to make room for the baby.

6. Wipe Warmer

While it’s not considered a necessity, it is definitely considered a must have by many mothers. The wipe warmer helps extend the life of wet wipes by keeping the moisture inside. The added warmth is a bonus when cleaning baby’s bottom in the middle of the night and the air is chilled. Some people might consider warmed baby wipes extravagant, but for anyone who has changed a diaper in the middle of the night and found that the cold wipe caused them to be soaked from a sudden spray from baby the warm wipe is a welcome change.

5. Bath Set

Babies might not get as dirty as toddlers and adults but every mother and father wants to give their new baby a bath. Anyone who has ever tried giving a baby a bath in a full size bath tub knows how hard it is and the kitchen sink is not much better. A baby bath set is the perfect tool for giving little ones a bath. They come with a bath tub that has an incline so that baby doesn’t have to lie down flat in the water. They also come with a body sponge so the newborn baby isn’t fully submerged but can still take a bath. Bath time should be a fun time for parents and little ones and a baby bath set will help make it that way.

4. Baby Monitor

Technology hasn’t forsaken the baby. Every mother wants to make sure her child is safe and secure all day and night. Every mother also wants to be able to sleep in their own bed. The baby monitor has made it possible to do both. These monitors are available in both audio only or audio and video types. Parents can keep an eye and an ear out on their baby during the night and be by their side in a jiffy if they are needed. These are also a good idea for toddlers who might get out of bed during the night. Baby monitors are much appreciated by dads who want to get some quiet time without the baby or toddler in the room and mom is too nervous to leave them alone. Installing a baby monitor solves the problem and everyone is happy.

3. Web Cam

Another technological tool that many parents are opting to include on their baby wish list. Many parents have to return to work rather than stay home with their child. The webcam makes it possible to keep an eye on the babysitter who is taking care of the little one during the day. Webcams let mom and dad see their little one even when they can’t be in the room. There are various options available for web cams; including those that can be hidden so the sitter doesn’t know they are being watched.

2. Baby Sling or Pouch

Ask any new mother what she misses most and you are bound to hear “two hands”. It is practically impossible to have both hands free at the same time when there is a baby involved. The baby sling or front pouch carrier eases this problem. Baby is snug up against mommy, or daddy’s, heart while they do whatever it is they need to do with both hands. Shopping, talking on the phone or simply gathering the laundry is easier when baby is close to you but not occupying both hands at one time. It works for kangaroo’s and now it works for moms and dads too.

1. The Pacifier

No matter how many expensive, adorable gifts a new mother receives, the one she will be the most thankful for on more than one occasion is the pacifier. This amazing little device is not like by all babies but those who do depend on it. Babies have a natural desire to suckle and not always from hunger. Many years ago some poor tired mother discovered that a bottle nipple without a hole in it would help calm baby down and thus the beginning of the pacifier. While it is true that parent’s sometimes have a hard time taking the pacifier, otherwise called a binky or any number of other odd names, it is a godsend when it is first used. Most mothers keep several on hand and don’t dare leave home without them.

Buying and giving baby gifts to the new mother is almost as fun as getting them. There are so many different things on the market that are targeted directly at babies and new mothers that it is hard to pick which one is the best. Ultimately, if it makes the mother’s life easier it is going to be on her list of must have items and she will find a way to get what she thinks her baby needs.