Top 10 Potential Reasons for Life

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What is the reason for life? What were we put in the universe to accomplish? Is there a true meaning for the creation of man? Was man really placed on Earth and left with no instruction of direction? There will always be questions in regards to life and the meaning of it; until someone discovers and proves that there is a definite answer.

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Some may take the spiritual approach; while others will give a more “human” answer. Still, the reason for life in each person’s opinion is a personal viewpoint. Although the answers may differ, there is one thing that each person has in common with another; they are here to answer the question.

10. Worldly Temptations

Life for some is all about worldly temptations. Gaining all of the material things that their hearts desire. From money to expensive jewels, some spend their entire time in the Universe, chasing worldly goods and indulging in the pleasures that the physical world has to offer. Their goal in life is to attain as much as the physical world has to offer them.

For those with a religious background, they live for the opposite reason. Many religions support a life of asceticism. This is the act of refraining from indulging in the world’s pleasures. Those who established such religions as Buddhism, Jainism and Christianity, believed that life should be lived by avoiding the accumulation of worldly possessions. However, it should not be thought that they didn’t enjoy life the choice was more to state that achieving spiritual goals as more important than physical indulgence.

For those who believe that the reason for life is to give into worldly temptations and indulgences, is there an afterlife? If so, what becomes of all of their material possessions and how does it figure into the hereafter?

9. Gaining Spiritual Enlightenment

A person may believe that the reason for life is to gain spiritual enlighten. They spend their lifetime attempting to comprehend the mysteries God in order to know him and become one with him. They strive to live a life that will put them in his grace and give them a place in his heart. For them, the goal is to experience the Creator with a pure soul and know the will of heaven.

This is usually a life of devout spirituality. Yet, there are some who do not follow a strict religious belief but live life with a desire to gain spiritual enlightenment. They may still live what would be considered a “worldly” existence, however; they do not live trying to attain material things. They are just more reserved and contemporary in their quest to attain enlightenment.

Stretching one’s mind and seeking absolute truth is a way of changing one’s outlook on life and self. For those on this journey, it leads to seeing things for what they truly are. This belief is based on the thought that there is a universal truth in existence and that man is able to gain access to it.

8. Enjoying the act of life, itself

Life is for living. That is the consensus among many who are asked the question. “What is the reason for life?” It is meant for enjoyment and pleasure should be found in every aspect of it. For those who believe that this is the reason for life, it’s all about milking it for all it’s worth.

Those who live this way take every opportunity that life offers them. The love stronger, laugh harder and find beauty in all of its forms. They combat hurt and pain with love and compassion. And they see the silver lining on every dark cloud.

These are the individuals who seek excitement, face their fears and live by the old adage, “eat, drink and be merry!”

7. To Gain Power

Another reason for life to some is to gain power. They strive to become better than what they are, better than everyone else and gain dominance in many areas of life. People who live life for this reason are often driven by the need to feel superior. Looking back in history, there have been those whose need to gain power led to attempts to rule the world; leaving in their wake ruin and disaster.

If everyone believed that this were the reason for life, would there be whatever peace there is on Earth? What could possibly happen if another was born who wanted power as desperately as some have in the past? If there is a Creator, would he want one person to master the whole world?

6. Seeking Wisdom and Knowledge

When we are born, we are born without wisdom or knowledge. As we grow, we learn. The learning process is one of the few things in life that never ends. Before and after our formal education, we are gaining wisdom and knowledge. And we spend our lives seeking more of them both.

A reason for life is to learn and to use the knowledge to ease the pain and suffering that is caused by being uninformed. By accepting the all that life has to teach us, we gain a new perspective of the world. Balance is created in the mind when it is disciplined by wisdom and knowledge.

It is believed that the purpose, meaning and reasons for life can all be found on the quest for wisdom and knowledge. The two are believed to create internal peace, happiness and understanding. Wisdom and knowledge hold the key that unlock the door to the secret of life itself. However, keep in mind that in some religions, it was the quest for knowledge and wisdom that cause man to fall from the grace of the Creator.

5. Realizing potential and ideals

There isn’t a person on the planet who hasn’t wondered what they were put here to do? They spend nights staring into the skies, assessing the feeling that they have something to accomplish yet no fully understanding what it is. Many people believe that their purpose is life is to become who and what they dream of being, to reach their full potential. Then and only then, will they expire.

In this instance the reason for life is to matter; to leave a lasting impression by making difference at some point in life. For those who believe that this is what life is meant for, seeking happiness and giving in to whatever their destiny may be is what life is structured around. People of this mind frame are free spirits, who chase dreams and live the ones that they catch. The invest all that they are into what they feel and believe; these are truly genuine people.

For those who do not know what their destiny is, they simply create their own. When the purpose of life is to be whatever and whoever you are, as long as it’s your best…what more can be said?

4. Service to Humanity

What would life be like if no one cared about their neighbor? How would there be any good on Earth if no one was selfless enough to give to others without thinking of themselves? There are people who believe that they’re sole purpose for being put into the Universe was to serve humanity. If you really think about it, could humanity survive without them?

To live a life in service to humanity may not be exactly what you are thinking it is. It has little if anything to do with material things and more to do with emotional and spiritual servitude. In terms of the former, those who believe that they are meant to serve humankind will distribute wealth unselfishly and are very generous with their worldly possessions. This includes their finances.

However, those who live a life of service focus on other things. They’re goal is to leave the Earth better off than it was when they were put on it. In attempting to do so, they take strides to make change. People who believe that this is their purpose give more than they take, work to end grief and create equal opportunity. They go above and beyond to help others. People like this are usually easy to forgive and accepting of the flaws of man. They live a peaceful existence in world full of disaster.

3. Family

Of course, what would life be without family? This belief expands beyond that of procreation, since most families consist of more than just offspring. Still, there would there be a meaning to life, if family didn’t exist. What would you do without the people that you love most in your life?

Even as children, we recognize the importance of family. A child cannot grow without the guidance and love of their family; in whatever form it may present itself. From the basic things as toilet training to the extravagance of algebra, a child’s goal in life is to please their family.

As an adult, there is the responsibility of family. For most, any and everything that is done is with family in mind. All decisions that are made are for the advancement of the family. We even go so far as to make preparations so that the family that is left behind, after we depart form this world, will be provided for in some way.

2. Worship

Many religious faiths are structured around a “Supreme Being” or “Creator”. And in most of that many, that entity thrives off of the praise and worship of its followers. It is the love and admiration of them that makes the Creator rejoice. With the happiness, comes the release of blessings and gifts in abundance.

Take the Islamic faith for example. The whole objective of life to a Muslim, is to worship the Creator in the faith; Allah. It is believed that life on Earth is simply a test, a trial run. How one does during this trial period will be the basis on which the decision of afterlife is made. Those who do well will live forever in Jannat (paradise). Those who fail the test are damned to spend eternity in Jahannam (hell).

Just as with Christianity, there are various denominations of the Muslin faith and beliefs do vary among them. The concept of pre-destination is different from one to the other. Yet, there is one that puts it as clearly as it can possibly be stated. In the mind of the Sufi’s, the universe and everything in it, exists solely for the pleasure of the creator.

1. Procreation

When asked what they think is the number one reason for life, you can be sure that 9 out of 10 people will answer with one word – procreation. However, many have no idea as to why they believe their own statement. It is safe to assume that the reason we are alive is because our parents procreated. With that fact, comes the realization that the world will end without procreation.

There are some people who will respond with this answer and admit that it is steeped in their religious upbringing. The Christian faith can be used as an example. The first man was created with a mate, not only to have a companion but to give life to others like them. The religious book that is used in Christian faiths instructs followers to produce heir. In the same book is the condemnation of contraceptive sex. Yet, again there is mention of sex only being allowed for the purpose of procreation.

This will lead man to believe that life is meant to create life, in order for the world to continue. Although there may be other directives as to what followers of the faith should do and how they should live, there is a constant reference to creating heirs and bringing forth new life. Nevertheless, it should not be assumed that this answer only has roots in the Christian faith. There are many religions that support procreation as a reason for the Creator breathing life into the first man and giving him a mate.

In conclusion, you can see that questioning the reason for life is likely to lead to other questions for some; depending on their viewpoint. For those with spiritual foundations, whatever they are taught as a part of their belief system is the only answer for them. Then there are those who take a more contemporary position and reject the reasons offered to them by religion.

This is not to say that any path taken is wrong. As individuals, everyone is entitled to believe as they choose. No two men will ever be in complete agreement on the reason for life unless they are members of the same religious sect. This is said because even different religions give different reasons for life.

No matter what one thinks the reason for life is, what should matter is how they live it. Personal satisfaction and being at ease with the direction in which their life is going should be enough. In the above list, the one thing that doesn’t appear in any of the chosen reasons; is man living life to please another man.