Top 10 Kept Husbands/Boyfriends

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There is always talk about women who have married men with money for suspicious reasons or just to live a certain lifestyle. Well, there are definitley some men in the wolrd that many would look at and call “kept”. These men often have nothing until they hook up with a woman of financial substance. Yet, there is the occasion where they have a little bit but not nearly as much as the woman they love.

Of course, some of these people are or were together for love. Then there are those who are rather questionable. Their actions or the circumstances of the relationship, make some wonder what the man’s motives were when he decided to take up with his lady love. This isn’t a man-bashing list, it’s a list of men who would probably not be as noticeable as they are if it weren’t for the lifestyles that they share with their signficant other’s, that is afforded on the finances of their partner’s. Here are 10 men, who live or have lived the life of luxury and splendor, coutersy of their Mrs:

10. Kendu Issacs

If you aren’t into “urban” music, you probably have no idea who this is. Well, meet Mr. Mary J Blige, Kendu Issacs. Mr. Issacs met the super star singer when he was married to another woman. After an intense romance, he parted ways with his wife, to take up with the R&B songstress. He swept her off her feet and to the altar.Issacs is credited with some creative work in relation to his wife, however, he doesn’t have much to stand on of his own. With a wife that is one of the hottest acts in the music industry, he probably doesn’t see the need to have his own foundation. The two seem to be very happy. However, when you leave one wife to take on another, especially one with loads of cash, questtions about motive are sure to arise. For the moment, Mr. Issacs is enjoying the good life with the Queen of Hip Hop Soul.

9. Rene Elizondo Jr.

In 1991, Janet Jackson secretly married her longtime friend, Rene Elizondo Jr. That secret was kept for nine years and only became public because Mr. Elizondo filed for divorce. Within his filings were claims that he was one of the creative forces behind Janet’s success. He also claimed that he was manipulated into signing papers that were designed to keep the assets of the couple separate and cheated from money that was rightfully his from work he had done for his wife, over the years.

All of that aside…can you imagine the life that this man had!?!? He had to keep his marriage to one of the sexiest women on Earth a secret, in order to protect her. Not only a home in Malibu but this man had access to any and everything he wanted, especially since he was giving up his entitlement to anything dealing with his spouse; including his work credits.

No wonder the man was able to be kept silent for 9 years. However, even that gets tiring. Eventually, an artist needs artistic freedom. Whether his “mental: condition, that he claims makes him easy to manipulate, was cured; or he simply got tired of being a secret…..Rene no longer wanted to be anyone’s best kept secret. Kept husband or not….

8. David Furnish

David Furnish is a producer/director that was introduced to Elton John by a mutual friend, during a dinner party that was held flamboyant star’s mansion in 1993. The two were married in a civil ceremony in the UK in December of 2005, formalizing their union in a small ceremony that was attended by close friends and family. The couples’ parents served as witnesses. The couple strengthened their union by becoming parents of baby boy on Christmas Day 2010.

It’s no secret that Sir Elton John loves the good life. It would only make since that his Canadian born husband enjoy the living in the lap of luxury with him. Truthfully, it probably makes him the envy of all of his friends! Very few people may know David for what he actually does but everyone in the world knows him for who he is….Elton John’s husband.

7. Howard K. Stern

This familiar face wasn’t anyones  husband. However, he was someone’s well-kept boyfriend. As boy toy and attorney to the late Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern lived the good life via proxy. Upon the death of the troubled star, he became the acting executor of her sestate. Yet, Stern enjoyed all of the benefits of being Anna Nicole’s long-time partner throughout their relationship.

Although he had a career of his own, Howard K. Stern is far from Johnny Conchran. Honestly, not many people knew or remembered that the man was an attorney. Not until there was a reason for Anna Nicole to go to court. His role as her legal advisor was very low key until her unfortunate death.

Howard K. Stern fought for the estate of Anna Nicole after she died, claiming that it would be in the best interest of her daughter to have someone with knowledge of the woman’s business to remain in control of it. That may be very true. Yet, it’s quite ironic that Stern may not be living as comfortably as he did before his lady love died; but he’s damn sure living a good life on what little legal practicing he’s doing.

6. Al Reynolds

Prior to marrying lawyer and television host, Star Jones, Al Reynolds had a career of his own; as a banker. Not a bad living at all. However, that money was nothing compared to Star’s money. You can be certain that he thought about that when he married her. During their very public marriage, the couple shared a life of luxury. Surely, it was a life that the former Wall Streeter couldn’t have afforded on his own income.

However, the marriage didn’t end on a nice note. Although reasons for the divorce were never made public, there was a lot of speculation. Among them, questions of his sexuality and whether or not the relationship was really based on love. Many believed that Ms. Jones had finally become aware of her husband’s love for her lifestyle and not her.

5. Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt

Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt was born Hans Robert Lichtenberg. He was Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ninth husband and her longest lasting marriage. He was also 26 years her junior. The late star may have been under the impression that she was marrying royalty at the time of her marriage. However, there have been reports that Frederic got his title when he paid the Princess of Anhalt, Marie Auguste to adopt him.

Still, it’s no secret that Zsa Zsa loved to live. And it’s no secret that she didn’t mind sharing her wealth and good fortune with her lovers. Her young husband has openly admitted to his desire to marry a Hollywood star and Zsa Zsa’s desire to marry a prince. In the end they both got what they wanted. Unfortunately, marrying this man didn’t make the famed glamour girl royalty since he wasn’t legally heir to anyone’s throne.  Frederic has no problem publicly admitting that everything he owns, even the things he has two of, are because of his wife.

4. Bobby Brown

Not all kept husbands are unknown names. Bobby Brown came to fame as one of the five members of New Edition. As popular as the group and their songs were, it’s safe to say that Brown will be collecting royalties from that era in his life until the end of his time on Earth. However, he had lost his relevance in the creative world, even after a successful solo career.

It was his marriage to mega-star Whitney Houston that put Bobby’s name back in circulation. And let’s just say…he milked it for all it was worth. Aside from the couple coming into legal troubles together, they did a lot of other things that aided in boosting the former male sex symbol back into superstardom. Singing duets together and doing a reality show put the couple at the forefront of pop culture.

However, people may not like to admit that the lifestyle Bobby lived once he married the powerhouse vocalist was far beyond the one that he had lived on his own. Whitney’s money was way longer than Bobby’s. Trying to prove a point to all of the people that disagreed with the marriage, she put her husband on a thrown. He lived a royal lifestyle for the duration of his marriage to the queen of songbirds, mostly on her bankroll. Since the divorce, Bobby is never too far gone from the public eye. Still, he isn’t as visible as his marriage to Whitney made him. Truthfully, it would take more than a miracle for him to ever be again.

3. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is familiar to many for his acting and different appearances on various television shows. He has held the title of host, Dee Jay and comedian. Nick’s fame was never really minimal but it wasn’t maximal either. That is until he became Mr. Mariah Carey and the father of her beautiful twins.

Granted, Nick’s acting career put him in a position to explore other talents; such as acting, producing and directing. A love of music has him now trying his hand in the music industry but he is far from super stardom. He is a recognizable name in his own right. However, his marriage to one of the biggest stars in the world has taken his name and lifestyle to a whole other level. Where he may have been able to afford nice things before, Mariah is known for her extravagant taste and diva desires. Frankly, she has earned it.

Being Mr. Carey has to come with some of the best benefits in the world. Needless to say, no man likes to be called by his wife’s last name. Yet, in this case, you can be sure Nick brushes it off and deals with his frustrations through retail therapy…on his wife’s accounts.

2. Kevin Federline

What can be said about K-Fed? Well, let’s be honest…the only reason his name is recognizable is because he’s the ex-husband of one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Britney Spears. This is evident since prior to Britney, he was the boyfriend and children’s father to another star; actress Shar Jackson. Obviously, her name wasn’t enough to do what he wanted to do and this creep left his girl and 2 children, when the opportunity to be with Spears presented itself.

From the beginning of their relationship, it became evident to the world what Mr. Federline was after. He tried to seize any and every chance that presented itself as an opportunity for fame of his own. Although he was quite handsome when he came on the scene, the man had no true talent of his own. Instead, he enjoyed the life of a superstar on his wife’s dime.

After the split, K-Fed made use of a few opportunities offered to him. Still, he will always be known as the man who rode Britney’s name to stardom…or should we say her bankbook.

1. Steadman Graham

Anyone who is asked to think of a kept man would most likely think of this man first. Although Steadman Graham is a business owner and has quite a bit of money of his own, his money doesn’t come close to the money of his long-time lover and partner, Oprah Winfrey. Steadman and Oprah have been together for more than two decades. They are more than a couple; they are also partners in various business ventures.

There was an engagement and plans to be married in 1992. The world was shocked when it didn’t happen. However, the couple is still together and going strong. It may be a sad thing but Steadman is primarily known for his relationship with the media mogul. They share a lifestyle that is the envy of nearly everyone in the world. Of course, it would only make sense to believe that the majority of that lifestyle is paid for by Ms. Money Bags, herself. Still, you can be sure that Mr. Graham could care less what the world thinks and who could blame him?

There is no doubt that some will look at this list and debate some of the men on it. Still, you have to admit that these men are or were in a far better position than they could have ever been on their own because of the women they were with. Although a few may have not been too bad off; the love and money of their woman made them way better. This is especially true for those who came from nothing to something.

So, as you can see, the world is full of both kept women and kept men. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s money. Unfortunately, the ones with the money will have a hard time trying to learn the difference. Hopefully, the majority of them find that the love is for them as a person, not a check book.