Top 10 Bizarre Celebrity Diets

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In the past, the majority of famous celebrities were known for staying in shape and losing weight by exercising and eating well balanced diets. They enjoyed healthy lives both on and off the camera and were very open about the different workout regimens and healthy diet plans that they were following. Following those types of plans may have not have gotten them the results that they wanted exactly when they may have wanted to see them, but they knew, just as with anyone else following a diet or workout plan, that great things are many times worth the wait.

Today, those plans have become traditional and old-fashioned in the eyes of many different celebrities that look for faster methods of achieving faster results without having to wait. Celebrities have been able to openly follow some of the most extreme diet plans that you may or may not have heard of before. Here is a list of the top 10 most bizarre methods that celebrities are using these days just too quickly be able to get the weight loss results that they want as quick as possible.

10. The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apple Cider Vinegar is not something that you physically have to mix; it is something that is already physically made. Apple Cider Vinegar is actually a tonic that is made by fermenting all of the juices within an apple, which involves a specific type of bacteria being added in that allows the alcohol to be converted into acetic acid. Centuries before it was used for weight loss, apple cider vinegar was being used for actual medical purposes, such as preventing and treating such things as chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes and even yeast infections. When did that all change? It all changed when Dr. D.C. Jarvis came into the picture! He set the stage for apple cider vinegar becoming a weight loss product after he reached the conclusion that by consuming it regularly, fat would be burned instead of stored within a person’s body. Even though there is very little evidence proving whether or not Dr. Jarvis’ conclusion was correct, certain celebrities still swear by the effectiveness of this insane diet. For example, Heidi Klum says that she has followed this diet for so long that all she has to do now is sniff the vinegar and her appetite is almost immediately curbed without having to go any further.

9. The Watercress Soup Diet

This next diet has been promoted and talked about a lot by actress Elizabeth Hurley along with some other devoted followers, but is actually based on a book written by a woman named Marianne Dawson. The book focused solely on this special type of soup and the benefits that the diet could bring anyone that decides to follow it. What, exactly, is watercress? Watercress is a leafy, green vegetable that looks a lot like parsley. It is also packed with a variety of nutritious vitamins and is also known for being a great source of calcium, iron, magnesium, fiber and other important elements. What makes watercress essential to weight loss is that it is very low in calories and has no fat whatsoever. The diet requires you to eat as much watercress soup as you want for the first week. Other foods (such as fruits and vegetables) are added in on specific days along the way. Towards the end of the week, you’ll be able to eat lean meats and fish and other foods come in as your diet progress. Many people have claimed to lose 10 pounds in 1 week based on using this diet, including Elizabeth Hurley.

8. The Ice Cube Diet

Upon reading the name of this diet, many people may think that they need to rush to their freezers and pull out their regular ice trays. That is a huge misunderstanding, because the Ice Cube Diet does not revolve around just regular frozen water. According to the company that sells these amazing little ice cubes, the secret ingredient is the appetite suppressant known as Hoodia. There are many people that say that the Ice Cube Diet was the only diet that they tried that actually gave them the weight loss results that they wanted the entire time. All that you have to do is take one ice cube a day, your appetite is curbed and that allows your body to lose weight quickly. Actress Renee Zellwegger uses the Ice Cube Diet to lose weight for acting roles as well as in her normal life as a way of keeping the weight off.

7. The Three Egg Diet

The three-egg diet does not require you to eat only three eggs every single day. That is not how it works. Eggs are one of the healthiest methods used in order follow a low-carb, high protein diet without taking in a lot of increasing saturated fats. Eggs provide you with an overabundance of all of the amino acids that your body needs and is an absolutely great source of protein for you. You are able to hit an unlimited amount of egg whites, so you are able to find creative ways in working them into as many meals as you want to throughout the day and the ideal egg meal to have if you are following the three-egg diet is a great omelet. Actresses like Nicole Kidman follow this diet quite frequently throughout the year to maintain their slim frames.

6. The Baby Food Diet

Jennifer Aniston has denied the rumors that she is a follower of the Baby Food Diet, but that has not stopped it from gaining popularity throughout the country. How are you supposed to follow a baby food diet? Simple! You have to replace your normal breakfast and lunch choices with 14 jars of baby food and then you are able to enjoy a well-balanced dinner. There are numerous rumors circulating throughout the media about other actresses and celebrities using this diet, but none of them have confirmed their participation. It has been proven that eating baby food can help you lose weight, but there is a long list of more adult options to choose from as well.

5. The Liquid “Master Cleanse” Diet

Unlike some of the other diets that have been discussed already, the liquid diet is exactly what it sounds like – a diet that requires its followers to drink liquid, more specifically lemonade, during the course of their diet. Blending lemon juice and maple syrup along with cayenne pepper and water into a concoction that you drink between 6 – 12 glasses of every day is what is required of all followers of this diet plan. In addition to what you take in, you are also required to take a laxative at least twice and day to help clean you out. Many celebrities, such as Beyoncé, have been very open about their avid participation in this specific diet to lose massive amounts of weight in short periods of time.

4. Placenta Pills Diet

Before it became popular in the weight loss industry, the only time that you would hear about a female eating on her placenta in the United States was when animals would give birth. However, nowadays, it seems as if that is one of the new-age, popular weight loss plans that several celebrities are following and admitting to without any hesitation. January Jones, from the hit AMC series “Mad Men”, is one of those avid supporters. This has already been a popular trend in other cultures around the world, but it seems to be growing in popularity in this country now as well.

3. The Bacteria Diet

Advances in science through experimentation have paved the way for advances in other industries as well – including the weight loss industry. One example of this is the establishment of the bacteria diet that seems to become more and more prevalent around the world every year. Madonna, who has become famously known for her workout regimens, yoga exercises and diet plans, has openly confirmed her belief in the bacteria diet on a number of different occasions. How does it work? The Lactobacillus bacteria is introduced into probiotic foods, such as yogurt, that already contain live bacteria and work together within your body to help boost your metabolism.

2. Lady Gaga’s “Whiskey Diet”

Ever since Lady Gaga skyrocketed to popularity fame and international stardom in recent years, her preferences in fashion, music, sexual partners, and home décor and vehicle choices have all come under strict criticism. Her eccentric lifestyle and understanding of the world around her has disgusted thousands of people but has actually attracted millions of people to her, which allowed her to become famous in the first place. One of her most recent stunning yet somewhat appealing lifestyle changes has been her choice of diet plans. Other celebrities have focused on such things as eggs, liquids and even such extreme measures as placenta. However, Lady Gaga refuses to be outdone and decided to branch off into her old world by openly following the Whiskey Diet. She drinks whiskey frequently throughout the day and at all times during the day – even when she is working. To help counteract any negative effects that her excessive drinking may cause her in the long run, she claims to work out every day and adhere to a consistent yoga regimen as well.

1. The IV Diet

People that have been hospitalized are sometimes put on IV’s to ensure that they are able to get the nutrients or even medication that they need, especially in situations where they are able to eat food or ingest the medication by themselves normally through their mouths. As with several of the other diet plans and weight loss products featured on this list, this system that has benefited millions of people for decades around the world has now been modified and made popular with some celebrities as an additional method of losing weight quickly. Just as is done in the hospital for medical purposes, these celebrities are agreeing to hook themselves up on a regular basis to an IV bag and intravenously take in their nutrients instead of eating them through normal, solid foods.

A wide variety of different things have been covered on this list. Years ago, the world of diet supplements and weight loss products consisted of healthy diet plans that required you to track points, milkshakes that still allowed you to enjoy balanced meals and FDA-approved pills that were only given with the strict instructions of only using them in moderation – if at all. Even though it would take months and even years for people to achieve the weight loss results that they dreamed of achieving, they would eventually achieve those results. The true benefit of those plans and pills that are now viewed by most celebrities as old-fashioned and outdated was that there were hardly any negative side effects. Drastic and extreme measures just to lose weight in a short time do not provide you with the long-term benefits that you may think. Studies have actually proven that these types of bizarre diets can actually cause more damage to your body in the long run than being obese in the first place ever would. In addition to that, the odds of gaining the weight right back almost just as fast are much higher than we may like to admit.

Just because celebrities that you may look up to or admire looking at in magazines are sacrificing their health and lives to follow these bizarre diets does not mean that you have to do the same thing, too. Being loved and admired by millions of people all around the world does not mean that you are a positive role model or are setting a good example for those fans to follow. There is an abundance of healthier options that you can follow to lose weight and stay in shape that may not be as popular anymore. However, that does not mean that those options are ineffective. Unlike these bizarre diets that almost seem like cover stories from tabloid magazines, the traditional methods of losing weight and staying healthy have been proven time and time again by people from all backgrounds – not just the rich and famous.