Top 5 Most Horrible Prisons on Earth

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Penitentiary life is filled with bad and good people. In some cultures it is the norm to put bad seeds away for a long time and then drive them practically insane while they are serving their time. This is the wrong answer to correct the mistakes of criminals. This is a list of the most terrible jails and prisons mankind can concieve.

5. Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña (la Cabaña Political Prison)

  • Location: Havana, Cuba
  • Honor Human Rights: No
  • Inmate Population: 75,000
Fidel Castros brutal Cavana prison is one of the most inhumane in the world. People who are anti-Castro this is where they live and probably will live until they are pro-Castro. There you can be arrested without warrants and convicted without trial. Prisoners lose their human rights when set foot in prison and treated on the same level as animals. Trials are difficult if not impossible to get. Even if a trial is scheduled often the judges verdict is decided in advance. Highly punishes prisoners are put in cells so small they can barely sit down and can’t lay down. Regular everyday criminals in cuba are given a higher rank than political prisoners and are encouraged to beat the crap out of inmates with pipes and clubs. One inmate prayed out loud the “rescue force” would be victorious, the guards shot him in the head.

4. Drapchi Prison

Drapchi Prison

  • Location: Lhasa City, Tibet
  • Honor Human Rights: Unknown
  • Inmate Population: 600
Inmates can be killed on the spot if they made the wrong look at a guard. Prisoners are highly discouraged of any protests. Protests could mean constant beatings and/or immediate death. If a prisoner happens to survive the beatings fullfills the sentence they could be re-arrested and brought back to prison for a much longer time and suffer even more inhumane beatings and solitary confinement. One prisoner was held in solitary confinement for so long he lost his ability to speak. In addition, to the torture and beatings prisoner undergo forced studies of communism and they can be tortured and beat if they resist.

3. Tadmor Military Prison

tadmor prison

  • Location: Palmyra, Syria
  • Honor Human Rights: No
  • Inmate Population: 4500
Torture, hangings, beatings, axe chopping are an everyday occurrence at this unforgiven place. The year 1980, marked the gloomy event when Rifa’at Asad military shot down all 500 inmates in the prison the worst prison massacre the world has seen to date. Guards are given almost limitless power in what they can do to prisoners and death can be the ultimate price for traitors of this land. Guards are often known to beat their inmates enough just before they go unconscious then drag their bodies on the ground until they died.

2. Gitarama Prison


  • Location: Kigali, Rwanda, Africa
  • Honor Human Rights: Not Capable
  • Inmate Population: 6000

Gitarama has the most overcrowded penetintury in the world housing over 6000 prisoners in a building design for only 500 people. Inmates are so hungary they bite chunks of meat out of each other to survive. The jail is so congested that inmates have no option but to stand all day and all night and many suffer from rotting feet. The floor is moist and filled with raw feces. Gangrene slowly sets on inmates toes, they turn black and fall off later. Inmates that are not so lucky to only have toes fall off, doctors have no choice but to amputate lower limbs to save the persons life. The unbearable stench is so horrible that it can be noticed a half mile away upon arriving to the prison. The survival rate is low due to the violence and the demimishing conditions in the building where one in eight prisoners will die from diesese or violence. Interesting Fact 1: Most of the prisoners are locked up for genocide committed against Rwanda.

1. Kwan-li-so No.22 Haengyong (Camp 22)


  • Location: Hoeryong, North Korea
  • Honor Human Rights: No
  • Population: Unknown

Camp 22 is home of North Koreas Political Prisoners. Men, Women, Children and Infants serve time in this ultimate dungeon. This is the worst of the worst; North Korea is the grand master of imprisonment and oppression. Practically the whole country is a jail where everyone is afraid for their lives and their families well being. Guards are brainwashed to thinking inmates are sub-human and allowed to do anything they please to prisoners, except quickly killing inmates. One man said life at camp 22 is the slowest death you can imagine. Inhumane experiments are conducted on all people including newborn infants. Women are not allowed to scream while giving birth to babies if they do guards will beat the pregnant women until she stops screaming. When the baby is born if it starts crying the guards usually smother it to death or leave the baby face down on the ground to die. If the baby happens to survive it must endure the harsh conditions the mother must endure. One lucky prisoner escaped and lived to tell his story in South Korea. He said, Prisoners in the worst condition where hardly recognizable as human, they looked like beasts he said. 1000 – 2000 Prisoners die every year and a large percentage are kids and infants. Unfortunately they die from hunger, beatings, and executions. This is far from humane it is more like a hidden holocaust that no one can do anything about. Animals receive much better treatment then this; they are being treated equivalent to an insect.

Other Contenders


  • ADX, Colorado – This prison is tough, very tough but the prison is located in USA and honor basic human rights.
  • La Sante Prison – This prison would be on the list about 10 years ago but it has gotten alot better since then
  • Nairobi Prison – Although conditions here are the worst in the world. Inmates are fed survivable meals and not required to work.