Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

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When anything happens in our society with any historical significance, what is generally accepted as the explanation for the event is almost always disputed by a small fringe group of people known as conspiracy theorists.This is a good thing in many ways. It is important to question everything. What kind of society would we live in if we automatically accepted everything we are told by our government or the media?

However a lot of conspiracy theories are so far out of the realm of reality and are so often conceived by such crackpots, that it is common for the legitimacy of any theory to be questioned, laughed at and ignored.

I have constructed a list of 10 bizarre conspiracy theories. Since bizarre can be so subjective, I am listing what I believe to be truly strange for various reasons. Either they are so far removed from reality to be truly strange. Or even the mass amount of co-operation that would be required by hundreds or even thousands of people as to cover up a situation.

Some you may have heard of. Some you may not. Some you may believe in and some you may laugh at. Some I found were even offensive in nature as well as being an insult to my intelligence. But when read with an open mind some were just silly and amusing.

I am not lending credit, nor disputing any of the following theories. I don’t make the news, I just report it. So strap on your tin-foil hat to keep the CIA from reading your thoughts and let us have a peak at 10 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories!

10. The Moon Landing


A common conspiracy theory that you have probably heard of, the theory has been floating around since… well…1969.

Apparently the entire trip to the moon and all the photographs and video’s taken there were filmed in a studio right here on earth. After all the pressure to beat the Russians there was overwhelming once John F. Kennedy announced that we would walk on the moon before the ‘60’s became the 70’s.

This whole theory must be very insulting not only to the astronauts who risked their lives on this journey, but to the thousands of Americans who overcame huge hurdles and worked so hard to get these men to the moon and back safely at a time when our technology wasn’t quite up to the challenges that were faced.

Some key points that the conspiracy suggest are:
· We did not have the technology necessary for this historical moment to happen in the 1960’s
· Why stars are never present in the sky of any of the photographs?
· The astronauts and the equipment would have been destroyed by the natural radiation in space
· The film in the cameras could not survive the radiation present on the moon.
· There are photographs of the moon surface in which the shadows defy logic.
· The video of the American flag being hoisted suggest that there was wind on the surface of the moon.
· The film of the Apollo 16’s Lander lifting off of the surface ‘Pans up’ as the Lander leaves the frame.
And many, many more. For every picture taken on the moon, there seems to be a contradictory theory for how it came to be.
One fact that conspiracy theorists hate talking about, is that you can see the reflectors placed on the moon by astronauts with a powerful telescope, and these reflectors are still used today. A laser is bounced off of these reflectors approximately 200 times per year to calculate the moons exact distance from earth.

9. African Americans and Kentucky Fried Chicken


I beg that you pardon my sarcasm in this particular matter. But this conspiracy theory deserves nothing less. It is offensive and ridiculous. But it is a truly bizarre conspiracy theory and as such gets a small laughable mention on this list.

As the theory goes, KFC is owned by the Ku Klux Klan. And the brilliant scientists and chemists that the Klan are renowned for producing throughout history have managed to come up with a drug that they add to the 11 herbs and spices that make only African American men impotent or sterile.

It is said that the FDA was forced to debunk the presence of this drug in the ‘80’s following a public outcry. Of course the conspiracy got thicker and more ridiculous with the idea that the KKK used its awesome political powers to force the FDA to cover up the truth. WOW!

8. We are Being Ruled by Lizard People


This bizarre conspiracy was pretty much conceived by David Vaughan Icke, a British writer, public speaker and television broadcaster.

The gist of the conspiracy theory is that we are being governed by a ruling class of reptiles that have the ability to shape shift and appear human when they need to. A couple of really bizarre things about this particular claim are its popularity among the conspiracy theory circles and the list of prominent people that are apparently lizards.

Both George W and George HW Bush are lizard people
The British royal family
Hillary Clinton
Kris Kristofferson
The Rockefeller and Rothschild families and many more.
Icke also believes that most major religions are creations of the Illuminati (Lizard people) and he has managed to publish over 20 books and videos on the subject as well as a successful lecture tour.
I wonder if this explains people sunbathing on beaches.

7. United States Military and LSD


Invented in 1938 by chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann in Switzerland LSD is a mind altering drug that many have tried and all have heard about.
While it is not at all strange to hear that the CIA had a program that tested the effects of LSD, there are in fact a lot of bizarre theories as to WHY the CIA was testing it.

The CIA claims that they were testing it as a truth serum.
Conspiracy theorists claim that the CIA was trying to produce an army of “Super Soldiers” by altering brain patterns. Then eventually the CIA planned to use the drug to control the minds of everybody. Which is why they released it onto the streets of America in the ‘60s?
John Lennon was quoted as saying “They invented LSD to control people but instead it gave us freedom”
The CIA wanted an army of controllable super killing machines and ended up with a bunch of peace loving hippies!

6. The Jonestown Massacre


We have all heard about Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid kids. Over 900 people drank cyanide and died just because this nutty cult leader asked them too in a compound called “Jonestown” in Guyana.

What you may not have ever heard is the conspiracy theory about this horrible massacre. It was all planned and executed by the CIA. That’s right, the same secret agency that brought us LSD was apparently also conducting terrible mind control experiments on the inhabitants of Jonestown which was really a CIA concentration camp, then everything went horribly wrong and they all decided to commit suicide.

As a matter of fact some believe that the CIA LSD experiments called “MK ULTRA” were never stopped in the USA, just moved to experiment on cult organizations off of American soil like Jonestown.

5. The Assassination of John Lennon


While nobody argues that Mark David Chapman is the man that killed John Lennon on December 8th 1980. There are many conspiracy theories as to why he was killed.

It is also common knowledge that Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover as well as the FBI and the CIA were monitoring Lennon, Some conspiracy theorists believe that Mark David Chapman was brainwashed by either the CIA or Yoko Ono to assassinate the rock star.

Chapman was overheard by a witness repeating “Do it, do it, do it” over and over again. This has many people convinced that he was somehow hypnotized to performing his deed.

Perhaps the CIA did manage to get LSD to work to create a killing machine out of an otherwise normal human being?

4. The Men In Black


That’s right! It’s not just a big budget summer blockbuster movie; it is a bizarre conspiracy theory that has been around for a long time.
While the movie portrays the MIB as the good guys protecting us from horrible space creatures that are here to munch happily on our spleens, the conspiracy theorists have a much darker story to tell.

For every report of an isolated undereducated backwoods farmer that has been taken aboard a spacecraft and had probes jammed into every orifice in his body. There is also a report of men usually in pairs, dressed in ill-fitting black suits that don’t look quite right and don’t speak English properly showing up to intimidate and threaten the victim to keep quiet about their experiences or sightings.

The main theories suggest that these men in black are either government agents hired to keep the masses in the dark about UFO’s. Or that the men in black are actually aliens themselves employed by the Federal Government to drive around in black cars and silence people trying to expose the alien conspiracy threatening our planet.

3. AIDS was Invented for Biological Warfare


According to conspiracy theorists, the AIDS virus was invented by Dr. Donald MacArthur around 1977 with American Taxpayer money.
Although nobody knows for sure how AIDS started in humans, the once accepted theory that it somehow transmitted to humans from monkeys is simply not good enough for conspiracy theorists.

While it would seem crazy to unleash such a deadly virus on its own population, theorists claim that the pentagon recognized that it would hit what it called specific lower class citizens much harder than anyone else. Homosexuals, African American’s and Drug Users.

Most of this theory seems to hinge on the idea that Dr. MacArthur asked for funding to research a biological weapon that attacked the immune system. Got his taxpayer money in 1977 and in 1978 the first reported cases of AIDS were discovered in Africa.

2. President Reagan Assassination attempt by H.W. Bush


While researching bizarre conspiracy theories, you don’t have to go far before the Bush family comes up. From helping to fund the Nazi’s during WWII, to the planned attacks of the World Trade Center on 9/11. There is generation after generation of Bush’s implicated in conspiracy theories. But one of the lesser known and therefore more bizarre theories is that George H.W Bush was involved in the failed assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

It turns out that the John Hinckley the man credited for shooting the president is from the Hinckley family that has been long time friends and big financial supporters of the Bush family since the early 60’s in Texas. Not only that, but Neil Bush, son of the vice president at the time George H.W. Bush was scheduled to have dinner the very night of the assassination attempt with old friend Scott Hinckley, brother of the assassin.

At the time of the shooting, and NBC correspondent Judy Woodruff said that at least one shot was fired from a hotel ABOVE the president’s limousine. Was this a glimpse of a second gunman? The secret service claims that it was one of their agents trying to take out Hinckley. But some theorists have dubbed that shot from above as “The shot from the Bushy knoll”

1. Attack on WTC was Carried out by the Government


I am sure that you have all heard conspiracy’s around the WTC attacks on September 11th.

The reason I am adding this to a list of bizarre conspiracy theories and not just common conspiracy theories is the overwhelming amount of theories surrounding this horrible tragedy.

There is not just a massive amount of controversial theories about this subject, but some of it is really quite compelling even to the most skeptical of us. Here are some of the key points of the conspiracy theory:
NORAD and the US Air Force have practiced this exact scenario many times with 100% accuracy, but failed miserably the day of the attacks.
The entire AWOL chain of command was busy doing other things the day of the attacks.

How it is possible that the Pentagon was hit 1 hour and 20 minutes after the attacks began? Why was there no response from Andrews Air Force Base, just 10 miles away?

Speculators allegedly used foreknowledge of the Sept. 11th events to profit on many markets internationally, including to short-sell the two airlines, WTC tenants, and WTC re-insurance companies in Chicago and London.
One of the 19 hijackers killed in the towers was identified by his un-scathed mint condition passport found in the ruble of ground zero. He turned up a few days later wanting to know why he was being called a terrorist. He is still listed as one of the 19 dead hijackers.

First responders to ground zero recall finding the ‘Black Boxes’ from both of the airplanes used in the attacks, but they have since gone missing and the 9/11 commission report denies that they ever existed.
Long time friendship between the Bin Laden family and the Bush family. Also that the Bin Laden’s were the only people allowed to fly out of the country later that day.

The list goes on and on.

I managed to find a movie that you can watch for free on the web at which has many conspiracy theories in it. It is very well produced and enjoyable to watch even if you don’t buy into these bizarre conspiracy theories.