10 Reasons Why the West Coast is Better Than the East Coast

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Which coast is better: the West Coast or the East Coast?
Both have their advantages and drawbacks, and in many areas it is a close call. But in the end, the Wast Coast wins the contest. Here are ten reasons why everybody knows the Wast Coast dominates the East Coast…

10. Proximity to Hawaii

Hawaii is the number one vacation destination for US residents. It’s surprising how many people actually forget that it’s a part of the US when they vacation there, as it seems like another world entirely. Hawaii is often labeled as paradise, and with white sand beaches, natural local vegetation and animal life, and geography worth exploring, it’s hard to argue with that. What’s nice about the West Coast is that it’s just a short airplane ride over to Hawaii. Leave from Los Angeles Airport or maybe San Francisco and you will be whisked away to another world in mere hours. If someone on the East Coast wanted to visit Hawaii, not only would it be more expensive, but the trip would take virtually a whole day with all the flight layovers in several cities. To take a plane from Boston to Hawaii would require plane changes in Chicago, Denver, possibly Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. That’s a potential for four stoppages in travel. Leave from the West Coast however, and you’ll fly direct, maybe with one layover depending on where you leave from. Europe may be an incredible draw for people on the East Coast, but if you want to go to paradise, you’re more fortunate to live on the West Coast. Just hop on a morning flight and you’ll be surfing and snorkeling by noon.

9. San Diego

San Diego is billed as the “perfect place to live” in America. Think of everything that has been detailed in this list and add a little bit more charm and prestige and you will have an idea of how cool San Diego is. Perfect temperatures, warm and friendly people, music festivals and artisans galore, professional sports teams, modern buildings, clean streets, beautiful sunsets, great beaches, and more make San Diego a city that must be experienced. The East Coast has some amazing cities, no question about it, but there’s something slightly more majestic and enthralling about San Diego in particular that makes it the ideal city to live in. You will be stunned at its beauty, impressed by its cleanliness and friendly people, and just how relaxed and tranquil it seems, particularly for a large city. New York has that “wow factor” that you expect from a large city, but everybody there is in a hurry and the city itself is not very clean at all. San Diego is truly unique in the US, and should be experienced as soon as possible.

8. Modern Cities

San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Seattle, and Portland are all major cities on the West Coast, but there’s one major difference between them and cities like Boston and New York; they’re new. Boston and New York and Philadelphia all take pride in the fact that they’ve been around for hundreds of years, but along with that comes wear and tear, depreciation, and lack of structural integrity. Plus, many of them are hideous to behold. The West Coast is fortunate enough to be formed much later than the east, and thus, its cities are newer. Being formed later in time makes them new, cleaner, and more modern as technology and architecture has improved. Many of these cities and buildings look like something out of a science fictions movie and give new meaning to the term “modern”. While history and red brick buildings are great sometimes, there’s nothing more thrilling than walking down a city street on the West Coast and admiring the contemporary angles and materials used to create the corporate headquarters and residential towers.

7. In ‘N Out Burger and Jamba Juice

Ever heard of In ‘N Out Burger (a.k.a. In ‘N Out)? It’s only the best fast food you will ever taste! With no freezers, microwaves, or heat lamps on company grounds (any of them), In ‘N Out is not only the best tasting fast food, but it’s also the healthiest. Can McDonald’s or Burger King say that? I didn’t think so. In ‘N Out also gives you combinations unheard of at other fast food chains. Not to mention, they peel, cut, and bake their own French fries on site! And they’re awesome! Seriously, what other chain would even consider doing that? If you’ve been there enough, you already know about their “secret” language for ordering food. “Animal” means a mustard burger with the usual fixings and extra sauce; “Protein” is a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun; “Well done” means cook my fries until they are extra crispy and delicious; and the famous “Flying Dutchman” corresponds to a double beef burger with double cheese and nothing else. You need to go to this place if you’ve never been, and the catch is, they’re native to the West Coast. So if you want to try it out, head west. The perfect addition to any In ‘N Out meal, or just a healthy alternative, is Jamba Juice. Created at California Polytechnic State University, Jamba Juice is the best smoothie you will ever taste. 5 servings of real fruit in each smoothie ensures a healthy snack, and the Vita Boost shot you can add in gives you protein and energy built right into your drink. They’re thick and frosty and if you get a large enough one, you won’t even need a meal to go with it. Jamba Juice is so good that it’s made it to the East Coast, but there’s only one of them. Times Square in New York City houses the only Jamba Juice in the east, but go to California, and they’re everywhere. Drink up.

6. Entertainment Capital of the World

In a lot of ways, Hollywood runs America, and parts of the rest of the world. Actors and movies have the ability to captivate audiences of millions of people who will tune in or purchase a movie just to see other people walk around and talk. If you think about it, that’s a pretty powerful phenomena. Now, consider that the music industry builds its entire business plan on people listening to music. Jam sessions, concerts, and festivals galore bring hundreds of bands and artists to the spotlight and thousands of people will come out to see these people play and sing. Where does all this happen, you ask? Well, it happens on the West Coast of course! Hollywood takes care of the movies, television shows, and plays that people go see, the music industry puts on dozens of festivals like “Coachella” each year which bring bands and fans together, and Seattle, WA is one of the places where outstanding bands and performers consistently perform and get discovered. None of this could ever occur on the East Coast, and it’s something that makes the West Coast inherently unique. Only the West Coast is the Entertainment capital of the world.

5. Silicon Valley

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo!, eBay, Intel, Nvidia, and SanDisk; these are just a handful of the hundreds of technology companies that make their headquarters in the San Fernando Valley, California. Nicknamed for the electronics and microchips produced there, this technology hub of the US sees hundreds of companies work every day to provide America and the rest of the world with top quality electronics and gadgets. Most people carry a cell phone and have at least one computer in their home, and they have Silicon Valley to thank for that. Every day technology changes and advances, and what better place to experience those innovations than the technology capital of the country? Each of these companies chose to make their homes in California and on the West Coast. Why? Because there’s more space, more opportunity, and a less stressful environment to work in. Who wouldn’t want to be in Silicon Valley? After all, as the saying goes, “When in doubt, Google it”, and in Silicon Valley, you can Google it directly.

4. Sunsets

Sunsets show off some of the most majestic natural beauty in the world. The sheer variety and intensity of color that accompanies them are a sight to behold, and when viewed from that one perfect spot, they are breathtaking. On the East Coast, it’s all about the sunrises, which are beautiful themselves. But there’s something about a sunset that is different. Sunsets are magical, peaceful, relaxing, romantic, and exciting all at once. Watching the sun go down over a mountain range or sitting on a beach as it slips below the horizon is just a supernatural feeling. Seeing as the sun rises in the east, it makes sense that better sunrises would occur there, but the sun sets in the west upon the completion of another day. It promises hope for another tomorrow, and kicks off any nightlife you may want to enjoy. They also make for some awesome photos if done correctly. West Coast sunsets trump East Coast sunrises any day of the week.

3. Laid Back Attitude

Hustle and bustle, people hurrying to get everywhere, and “go-go-go” attitudes are the norm in East Coast cities and towns. Even more relaxed towns in New England and the south have this mentality engrained into them. From a young age one sees people hurrying to get everywhere, procrastinating until the last possible second before brazenly rushing out the door to get to their next appointment, or even just to make that last movie of the night. The corporate world runs on how fast something can get done, and how quickly someone can turn around and do something else. Not on the West Coast. People there aren’t so concerned with deadlines, rush hour, or what it takes to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. The west is less cutthroat than the east, and it shows in the culture. Have a big project to present at the end of the week? Don’t stress out, it’ll get done. West Coasters are also into the “Wellness” movement which includes everything from Yoga and Pilates to kickboxing and spa treatments. It is this type of behavior that not only fosters a productive environment, but an enjoyable and relaxed one as well. This is something the East Coast certainly cannot say, as most of the people there suffer from heart attacks and high blood pressure from all the stress they acquire each day. And that’s just no fun.

2. Weather

Serving as almost three quarters of the West Coast itself, California dominates the landscape and much of what people associate the west with. What’s one of the major attractions of California? Weather entices millions of visitors each year, and as the climate is always mild and sunny, there is never a bad time to visit. Low humidity makes the higher temperatures enjoyable, and it is not uncommon to see people consistently outdoors 10-12 months out of the year. Surfing and other water sports are possible thanks to this mild climate as well. Although much of the West Coast sits on fault lines and earthquakes plague the region, I’ll take an earthquake over a hurricane any day of the week. Moving north, Oregon is known for its natural beauty and national parks, while Washington boasts some of the nicest coastal settings, harbors, and forests in the country. Add the natural beauty of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, and the West Coast offers just as much nature as the east. Beautiful temperatures and natural scenery make the West Coast appealing to anybody who wishes to experience a mild climate without the hazards of the east. If you can’t make it to the Caribbean or some place in the Mediterranean climate, California weather is as close to paradise as you can get.

1. Beaches, Bikinis, and Body Surfing

Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Ocean Shores, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Rockaway Beach; need I go on? Look at a map of the West Coast and about every quarter of an inch you will see a beach of some sort. Like the sunshine and warm temperatures? If so, you belong on the West Coast, which has the greatest and most enjoyable selection of beaches in the entire continental US. Sunshine, sand, surfing, swimming, and all those other “s” words that are associated with going to the beach can be enjoyed on the West Coast far easier than its eastern counterpart. What else do you is there at the beach? Women in bikinis, that’s what. Often referred to as the state for “beautiful people”, California natives and tourists support this viewpoint when they go to the beach. There is no doubt that California, Oregon, and Washington flaunt better beach bodies than those on the East Coast, even in southern states, like Florida, that are famous for their beaches. The West Coast beaches are just better all-around. They’re cleaner, bigger, less congested, and more fun, and who doesn’t love some fun in the sun with plenty of great scenery to look at?

**BONUS – Arnold Schwarzenegger (a.k.a. “The Terminator”) is the Governor of California. It doesn’t get more badass than that