Top 10 Human Responsibilities

Suggested by SMS

When you hear the words human responsibilities referenced what is it that immediately comes to mind? Some start thinking of daily activities like taking out the trash, others think of things like working a job to support families or themselves but human responsibilities are much bigger than what any of you might think. A majority of our human responsibilities involve life or death situations where we determine the outcome.

Humans determine their own fate that’s my belief, you might choose to believe different but if you look at the world and what it’s really coming to you might be able acknowledge how all of us together made it this way. Hopefully after you’ve read through my list of Top 10 Human Responsibilities many of you will have a change of heart about things you have done that weren’t quite right and things you should have done differently. If I’ve missed anything feel free to add to the list.

10. Guide the Young

It’s a known fact that the Entertainment Industry has become a listen or watch at your own risk type of thing. Every movie and CD is rated but young kids can still walk into a store and purchase those items without question. Parents are supposed to be aware of what they’re children are watching or listening to but there is just no possible way to monitor a child or teenager 24/7. People ride around in their cars during the summer blasting their music with the cursing and sexual lyrics in it where children outside playing can hear it loud and clear but its called freedom of speech and self expression.

Your children are going to come across many negative things within their young lives and you’re not going to be able to blame the entertainment industry or others for how they choose to handle situations. Guide your children to do what’s right, to be a leader and not a follower then you shouldn’t have any future problems because you’ll know you’ve raised them right. I feel that in our time children should be aware of many things, it’s when you hide specific things that a child goes out into the world unknowledgeable and falls victim to the very things you wanted so badly to keep them away from.

9. Fight for Your Beliefs

If you have strong opinions and beliefs about something then it’s something worth fighting for. It doesn’t matter if it’s a religion, and school project idea, ideas at work, or at home. Voice your opinions on everything you feel is not right otherwise you will be taken advantage of for the rest of your life and looked over almost as if nonexistent. Your fight for your beliefs does not have to turn into a violent one to get your point across and many fail to realize that. Lots of people believe there are religious wars going on that have caused the world to become what it is, that have caused acts of terrorism that have taken hundreds of thousands of lives. There should be no religious wars going on, we’re all the same, we’re all human beings with human responsibilities. Will we wake up before it’s too late?

8. Show Love for Everyone

Love truly does make the world go around and without it all we have is hate. You know that hate has destroyed many nations in the past. Teach your children to love everyone no matter the skin color, age, differences in religion, income, or other status. While you’re teaching your children to love you might want to take note of a few things yourself.

Have you ever disliked someone because they had something you wanted whether it is a person, place, or thing? The term for those actions is called Jealousy and with jealousy comes envy and hate. Anytime hate appears love is out the door and all situations even the least expected can turn deadly.

7. Show Respect for Everyone

Even if you can’t bring yourself to love an individual you could at least show respect as you would want shown for you. If you disagree with someone or something it’s alright to voice your opinion in a respectful way. If that person is not trying to hear your thoughts on something it’s better to walk away then to try to forcefully get someone to listen. If more human beings showed respect for one another different races and religions could live amongst each other peacefully.

6. Show Respect for Animals

Are you an animal lover? If you’re not there should still be a need to show respect for animals you may come in contact with. Animal cruelty is a crime punishable to the full extinct of the law because animals cannot talk and stand up for themselves. No animal deserves to be slaughtered especially so that someone can have a fur coat to show off. People should treat animals as they would want to be treated if they were animals.

5. Punish Bad Actions

Laws have a purpose and that purpose is order. If there were no laws in the world and everybody free to do what they wanted we would be in much more of a crisis than we already are. Imagine a world without laws where our children could just walk into stores and purchase liquor, cigarettes, guns, and anything that we wouldn’t purchase for them ourselves. Imagine a world where our children didn’t have to go to school, people could steal anything they wanted, and do unimaginable acts at any time they felt. That’s not a world I’d want to be living in and surely not one you’d want to live in either. There would be no punishment for unlawful acts, no jails, and no people left on earth because we’d never survive.

It’s a belief that bad action should be punished because that’s the only way to keep things in order, protect our children and ourselves. Would you want a serial killer living next door from you free to kill, or a child rapist free to do as they please to any child? Another thought is If you were to raise your child without punishment for bad actions such as being grounded, as that child grows older he/she grows more free, more uncontrollable, and at risk for ending up in jail or death. Bad actions should never go unpunished.

4. Do what’s Right

Many politicians get into office on a wink, smile, and empty promises but the real reason is the peoples who vote them there. If we all were to do what’s right there’d be no need for worry of who the real voice of the people is. If we all were to do what’s right there’d be no worry of your child falling victim to gang violence or sexual predators. Sometimes doing what’s right can also crash some egos but we must be able to put our differences to the side and be strong enough individuals to admit our faults before condemning someone else’s. Let’s all try to do what’s right so we can create a better safer world to live in.

3. Learn

Education is available to every individual. Take advantage of getting an education so that you’ll be armed with knowledge to make a difference. Do you really think that the government or the people are going to listen to someone uneducated regarding what you feel might be serious issues? If you’re uneducated there will be nobody to help your children with their homework or really push them to finish school and obtain a higher education.

Most of the time a job you’ll have will equal your education. If you’re tired of working in those low paying jobs or not being able to afford the so called better things in life go back to school and finish your education. The dropout rate has been its lowest the last few years so somebody must be getting the message clearly. Not only do you learn through education to better yourself, you can also learn from past mistakes.

2. Help Others

Share your wealth sometimes especially when you have everything. Giving just a little will not make you poor if you are rich and have taken care of home first. I could use this in reference to our Government who is always willing to help out other countries in need but don’t take care of home first. If we have people starving over here and dying of disease you would think that they would be open to helping the ones right in their own backyard and then spreading the wealth. I realize not all people think like me but I truly wish they could.

1. Destroy All Nuclear Weapons

If the world could learn to love then there would be no need for nuclear weapons. All countries have nuclear weapons regardless of if they’ll admit it. People are always worried about another nation coming in and taking over but if we could all get along in some way the world would generally be a safe and peaceful place. If one country destroys another that country is going to have retaliation from another country, that’s the way it goes with war. What countries fail to realize is how to realize is that they can slip up and destroy their own country and people. Nobody with known nuclear weapons is willing to destroy them and that’s a really sad realization. Will the world end from a religious war or will it end because of all the nuclear weapons or the other? Do you want to know what’s meant by the other? Do your research and you shall soon find out.