11 Unacceptable Forms of Girl Bullying

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Bullying is one of the most troubling experiences that a young girl can face, today. They are victims of physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of their peers and usually suffer in silence. However, there are some behaviors that many may not identify as bullying. These everyday occurrences can have the same effect on these young women as forms of bullying that are commonly recognized.

11. Whispering

A form of bullying that people may not even identify as bullying, is when young girls talk or whisper amongst one another about another girl; in her presence. The intent behind this act is to cause a feeling of alienation. They want her to feel as though she isn’t a part of their circle. They want to make her feel bad.

At some ages, the need to fit in is very prevalent. The effects that this can have on a girl can vary. Feelings of alienation can lead to feelings of not being good enough; which in turn may cause her to withdraw. On the other hand, she may begin to lash out and behave in ways that are out of character. It’s important that attention is paid to sudden changes in behavior. It could be a response to bullying.

10. Alliance building

Bullying amongst girls isn’t like it used to be. These days, they bully in packs, just like the boys do. There is always a ring leader and when she acts, so does her minions. This form of bullying can be extra stressful because there is no balance. A girl may feel intimidated because she is outnumbered. This can also be one of the most dangerous forms of bullying, for that same reason.

When the playing field is unbalanced, it is easier for a bully to force her victim to act. It’s easier to intimidate her into performing whatever tasks she wants her victim to perform, with the threat of bodily harm. They say there is strength in numbers and when it comes to bullying, this is true. Most times, however, the bully is bullying her minions into behaving as she does but they are too afraid to stand up to her.

9. Alienating

It is all too common for friends to fall out. Yet, when a friend is alienated from a group by the others for no reason and made aware of it through the actions of the others in the circle; she is being bullied. It isn’t uncommon for a bully to rear her ugly little head when she is trying to get her friends to like her more than she thinks they like the other friend. . Unfortunately, in doing so, she may use the friend that she already had as a target.

The former friend will find herself being shunned and turned away. She may find herself being left out of regular activities that were usually done as a group. She may also find herself the topic of group gossip, the target of their jokes and tricks, and the object of their teasing and taunting.

Being alienated from a group of friends can lead to depression in some young girls, as the rejection may be too much for them to handle.

8. Deliberate exclusion

Sometimes setting out to embarrass or humiliate someone is the intent from the beginning. This type of bullying is usually suffered by girls who are new to an environment or usually keep to themselves. In this instance, the more popular girls accept the other girl into their circle. After inviting her in and making her feel as though she is a part of their group, they turn against her. Admitting that it was all an act is usually something that the bully takes pride in and will be sure that it all unfolds in an arena for all to see.

This form of bullying is extremely hard on girls who are trying to find their place in a new setting. It can discourage them and cause them to become withdrawn. It isn’t uncommon for them to sometimes find refuge amongst other girls who are considered “misfits” as well.

7. Inciting others

There are instances when a bully doesn’t do her own dirty work. For some reason, they will encourage others to pick on or mistreat the person that they have ill intentions towards. They enlist the aid of others to enforce their brutality on their targets. By encouraging others to bully along with them, they intimidate their victims and feel more powerful in the process.

6. Playing jokes to embarrass or humiliate

In terms of bullying, girls can be just as ruthless as boys when it comes to dirty tricks. Gone are the old kick me signs on the back. Girls, today, often play tricks that leave lasting effects. Some may be played on the target, physically. Others are played to cause distress, humiliation and embarrassment.

Some physical ticks may include; cutting the victims hair, putting gum or sand in their hair, doing damage to their clothing or personal effects. Tricks intended to do harm in other ways include; posting embarrassing information or photos in a public forum, starting a rumor or telling a lie that may lead to others making comments or disparaging remarks.

5. Threatening Emails

Cyber bullying has been a frequent means of bullying for a few years. With so many young women spending so much time online using social networks, chatting and doing whatever else they do… it has become an easy way to reach across the globe. That means it’s only easier to reach the girl who sits next to you in math.

Sending threatening, harassing and embarrassing emails has become one of the fastest growing forms of bullying. Like bullying via cell phones, it’s also private and many young women suffer in silence. Cyber bullying has become the cause of many unfortunate events. It is imperative that parents express their availability for support in the event cyber bullying is affecting their young daughters. This will open the door of communication, without her feeling like her privacy is being breeched.

4. Prank/Harassing Phone Calls

Cell phones are a common form of bullying to carry out prank calls and threats. These repetitive calls are intended to tease, taunt and harass the victim. Normally, the calls come in rapid succession, for an extended period of time in the beginning. Over time, they may slow down but it is very rare that they stop altogether; especially if the bully is intent on getting a response or causing an effect. It isn’t unusual for bullies who use this tactic to pass the phone number of the intended target on to others.

Again, the service provider can aid in logging and tracking the harassment in various ways. Blocking a number can prove to be useless in this instance as well, since there is always another way to contact the victim.

3. Harassing Texts Messages

Cell phones are the premier means of communication today. Yet, they aren’t always used for exclusively. It isn’t uncommon for girls who are bullying someone to use texting as way to get their messages of cruel intent across. Girl bullies make it a habit of sending harassing and threatening texts to their intended targets. This is a form of bullying that can be hard to control since it takes some doing to block a number from being able to send texts. Even if the task is accomplished, there is always another phone that can be used to continue the harassment.

In the event of text bullying, all harassing, threatening or unwanted texts should be saved and reported. By contacting the service provider, you can ensure that a log of the texts is recorded.

2. Cyber Bullying

With parents allowing their kids to have social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space, as young as 11 or 12 years of age, online bullying has become a predominant method for girls to target and harass other girls. The use of smart phones, such as iPhones and Blackberry’s, makes this method all the more convenient and effective. In real time, girls can post embarrassing photos, spread rumors or make nasty comments about a victim and quickly reach hundreds of other peers. The impact can be immense and the results can be devastating; once a victim of cyber-bullying some girls have felt the need to change schools or undergo plastic surgery to alter a physical feature that have been targeted. Some extreme cases have led girls commit suicide.

1. Spreading rumors

Girls can be mean. They talk, they gossip and the spread rumors. This is another form of bullying that many are yet to identify as just that. When girls are intent on causing another girl emotional distress, they use their mouths to bring embarrassment to her. By simply making a statement to one other person, that statement will travel and grow as it makes its way around.

Keep in mind that the intent is to hurt the target. For this reason, many of the things that are said in regards to the victim usually don’t have a thread of truth in them. And even if there is, it’s lost by the time the rumor has made it to a 5th person. Still; rumors, name calling and malicious verbal assaults can cause emotional and psychological distress in a young girl if she isn’t equipped to deal with it.