Top 10 21st Century Addictive Street Drugs

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Drug addiction and the use of illegal substances is nothing new to many areas throughout the world, but each year addicts and drug dealers desperately search for new recipes and different way to create addictive substances that will inevitably “be in high demand”, leaving communities in both suburban and rural areas left to deal with the devastation of substance abuse and addiction It seems to be all about supply and demand; like any other million dollar industry the illegal drug industry caters to recreational users and addicts. This is a compiled list of several new and upcoming deadly street drugs, while many illegal substances that made this top 10 list have been around for thousands of years.

10. K-2 or Spice

This product is actually a ‘legal’ potpourri product that is produced in China and imported into the United States. K2 or spice has been advertised as an herbal blend of potpourri that is to be inhaled and not ingested. K-2 is alleged to produce the same or similar effects as smoking marijuana. The problem with this product is that teenagers and young people have resorted to smoking the “Imitation Marijuana Potpourri”, which has resulted in symptoms like hallucinations, vomiting, and schizophrenia. In 2009 Germany banned the substance, stating that is was a hazardous drug and just recently several states have passed state legislation to make the substances illegal, a total of 11 states have taken the necessary actions to make the purchase of K-2 or spice illegal.

9. Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine made its debut in the 1970’s and was estimated to contain 75-90% pure cocaine. In 1985 it was reported that 4.2 million people in the United States were admittedly using crack cocaine and the addiction rate of this substance increased dramatically. The crack cocaine epidemic began in the 80’s, raged into the 90’s and continued on into the twenty-first century. State law enforcement agencies have been enforcing the distribution and possession of crack cocaine for nearly 40 years and have continuously felt the negativity of this illegal substance. This has been reported to be one of the most highly addictive drugs currently on the market. Many officials have suggested that the high addiction rate is attributed to the cost of crack cocaine, which has been called “the poor man’s drug” and the accessibility, because it is easy to make. Many crack cocaine addicts have felt the repercussions and devastation of addiction; losing everything that they have worked for in a matter of years. The euphoric effects are short lived, forcing the user to want more and more of the drug, resulting in addition. It has been stated by many crack cocaine addicts that “One hit was all it took” and the damage was done.

8. Molly Plant Food: The Ecstasy Pill

Molly is a form of ecstasy that has been recently developed and is ones of the most dangerous street drugs currently available. This drug is normally in capsule form and is crushed and snorted by users. Molly has been suspected to provide a “rolling” high similar to ecstasy. The Manufactures of this drug, like many other producers of designer drugs has advertised this as “Plant Food.” Law officials have struggled with the legality of these new and up-coming substances and in some reported instances law enforcement agencies can only confiscate the drug, because Molly plant food is currently legal to possess and distribute in many states within the United States. The side effects associated with Molly are teeth grinding, nausea, paranoia, hallucinations, rapid heart rate, dehydration, organ failure, and in some instances death. States, like New York has experienced the destruction of the Molly Drug and are fighting to make this drug illegal to possess or sell; punishable by the New York judicial system.

7. NRG-1

Naphyrone is the chemical compound that makes up NRG-1. Sold as an Energy enhancement and produced in China, this deadly street drug has found its way to the hands of youths throughout the UK. This substance is suggested to be stronger then crack cocaine and highly addictive, allegedly even more addictive then heroin. The side effects are as follows, brain damage, hallucinations and paranoia, suicidal tendencies, and even death. NRG-1 is a supernova combination speed ball with the attributes of combining, cocaine, crystal methane, and ecstasy together, and has been suggested that NRG-1 produces the ultimate high. What they neglect to mention is the physical and mental damage that has been associated with this sought after highly addictive street drug that has swept across the UK like a plague. This drug is no longer legal in the UK and like the popular Bath salts that were being sold in the United States NRG-1 was being falsely advertised as ‘Plant Food.”

6. Whoonga

With 5.7 million reported HIV cases in South Africa the thought of HIV patients and clinics being robbed for the anti-retroviral prescription (ARV) is unsettling. Like the HIV virus, whoonga addition has spread across South Africa and other surrounding countries like an epidemic. This highly addictive street drug is a lethal cocktail combination of (ARV), rat poison, laundry detergent, and marijuana. Whoonga has been reported to have a very high addition rate and one of the reasons may be the effects associated with withdraw symptoms, which include, headaches, severe abdominal cramping, and night sweats. Users avoid these unpleasant symptoms by using again, and again, in return creating a whoonga addict. There has been no suggestion that crushing and smoking (ARV) provides the user with any mind altering effects, but the popularity of whoonga continually increases throughout South Africa just like other myths like sleeping with a virgin will cure and individual of the HIV virus.

5. Prescription Drugs

The abuse of prescription drugs is nothing new, but within the last decade we have seen an increase of substance abuse and addiction in association to medication being subscribed by physicians. Pain pills are forever in high demand, being snorted, ingested, and injected such as Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycodone. Each year it is estimated that over 500, 000 people are rushed to the hospital because they have overdosed and abused the prescription directions, or taken the substance illegally. Narcotic painkillers are not the only prescription drugs that users are abusing, sedatives and tranquilizers like Xanax and Valium are also in high demand and have been known to produce a competitive street value for prescription drug pushers. In addition, stimulants and medications that have been prescribed for ADHD and other behavioral diagnoses have made their way to the streets in many areas throughout the United States, medications such as, Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin have been reportedly abused and sold for profit. Prescription drug abuse requires constant awareness and random monitoring by the prescribing physicians.

4. Bath Salts

Manufactured and produced in China and India ‘Bath Salts” or “Plant Food” is being sold at convenience stores, head shops, tobacco shops, and your everyday service stations. The warning label clearly states “Not for human consumption.” Yet, law enforcement officials and Emergency Room Physicians throughout The United States may be questioning the manufactures intent for distributing this deadly and toxic product. Bath salts or being snorted, smoked, and injected, which has resulted in life threating situation for many users. The side effects have been likened to Chrystal Methane and Cocaine, and until recently could be purchased at any local convenience store. The side effects associated with Bath Salts are irritability, delusional paranoia, aggression and psychotic behavior, accelerated heart rate, suicide, hallucinations, seizures, and even unexplainable murder has been reported as a result to the use of bath salts. State officials throughout the United States quickly recognized the life threatening dangers associated with bath salts and twenty five states have made the purchase of bath salts or plant food illegal, now punishable by law for possession or distribution.

3. “Cheese” Black-Tar Heroin

Opiates have been cultivated from the poppy plant since as early as 3400 BCE. Heroin was introduced to the market as a non-addictive morphine alternative and cough suppressant (cough medicine) from 1898-1910. Scientists thought that Heroin was less addictive then morphine, but soon discovered that the pain relief substances was potentially more addictive then morphine. In 1924 The United States concluded that Heroin had no known medical benefits and would no longer be manufactured, sold or prescribed or imported into the United States; hence, the first heroin addiction outbreak of the 30’s. While heroin addiction has been a global concern and it is estimated that 50 million people throughout the world from the ages of 15-64 either use or have used this illegal substance, no one was prepared for the production of black-tar heroin or “Cheese”. Black-Tar heroin is illegally produced in Mexico and transported into the United States for distribution. This form of heroin is a low-grade opiate that is normally mixed with over the counter sleep enhancements drugs, such as Tylenol PM and is inexpensive. Users become addicted quicker as the effects of black-tar heroin doesn’t last very long and withdraw symptoms begin to settle in quickly, which include bone aches, severe headaches, cold sweats, and vomiting. Rehabilitation facilities have felt the impact of “Cheese Heroin” treating patients as young as 9 years old for addiction. Mexico is now ranked the 2nd opiate producer in the world drug mules have been apprehended by border patrols, one of the oldest and shocking participants was and elderly grandmother trying to smuggle black-tar heroin into the United States.

2. Crystal Methane

The Chinese have been using ephedrine (amphetamine) as a natural healing agent for thousands of years. It was purchased by the United States in 1937 and its initial purpose was to treat sinus inflammation and later used to treat sporadic sleep disorders.
The first recorded addiction outbreak was during World War 2. Allied forces received “The work pill” in their MRE‘s (meals ready to eat) alongside the gum, toilet paper, and chocolate. Government officials thought the “work pill” could be beneficial to soldiers in relationship to coping with fatigue.
Since then, Crystal Methane has become one of the most abused and highly addictive street drugs currently being manufactured throughout the United States. The ingredients are all lethal and poisonous substances not intended for ingestion, such as, farming fertilizers, ether, battery acid, cold medicine, and many other everyday household items that can be harmful and life threating if consumed. Yet, addicts continue to use this deadly substance and some users have even attempted to cook the crystal meth from their kitchens, which has in many instances ended with an explosive outcome.
Each year thousands of Americans are arrested for either the possession of crystal methane or operating an illegal cook lab; where meth is being produced. The effects that this venomous street drug has on users could be compared to the deadly ingredients used to make it.

1. Crocodile or Krokodil

While the United States is dealing with Meth labs and manmade illegal substances like Crystal Methane, Russia has experienced their own fatalities related to drug addiction. Crocodile (one of the latest manmade drugs to sweep across Russia has produced epic drug addiction numbers that continue to rise throughout the country. Crocodile is a synthetic substance that is alleged to produce the same effects as heroin or morphine, and the results have left governmental officials speechless. Made up of deadly ingredients such as, paint thinner, gasoline, and red phosphorus (found on the tip of matchsticks) and several other lethal combinations, a crocodile user’s life expectancy is three years from the moment they begin using. With that said, if an addict would seek treatment with a rehabilitation program, there is a good chance that they have already began to experience the long term effects of this illegal street drug. The consequences and health risks attributed to this street drug are anything but mild, disfigurement, speech impediments, brain damage, blood poisoning, meningitis, pneumonia, gangrene and the most punishing side effect, is simply watching your flesh rot away from your body. This deadly street drugs named crocodile was given by users and Russian law enforcement officials, because the injection sight turns green with days of using the drug and the skin around the injection site begins to appear scaly like a crocodile, because the drug it eating away at the dying flesh.

As you can clearly see this list is composed of many new over the counter street drugs that have been falsely advertised, such as, bath salts, and K-2. Each of these now illegal substances were manufactured and produced in China and imported into the United States, European countries, and the United Kingdom for consumer purchase. The results have been deadly; hospitals have found that treating an overdosed individual on bath salts different and more challenging then treating someone that has overdosed on heroin. Law enforcement agencies across the world have felt the devastating impact that these designer street drugs have left among teenager, college students and anyone searching for a quick and cheap high.

The effects of 21 century designer street drugs have been proven to be life threating and have resulted in catastrophic drug addiction throughout the world, leaving addicts with long lasting and physically damaging side effects, incarceration, and sometimes even death.