Top 10 World’s Smallest Machines

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It’s all about portability and mobility when it comes to today’s devices. For some reason, we are just enamored when someone manages to combine a small frame with big time technology, power and results.

We scanned the entire planet to find some of the world’s smallest gadgets. There was no shortage of useful but really tiny machines to pick from. The tech was so small that there was no problem crunching the list down to the top ten of the world’s smallest machines (with plenty of room to spare X D).But alas, some of these inventions were created just for fun and some of them however small they may be, have all the features of functionality of their larger counterparts.

10. The World’s Smallest Drilling Machine

Father mice across the land will feel appreciated when they get a load of the world’s smallest drilling machine. The small button on the front activates the drill. Hard to imagine what you would drill with it but it’s certainly a novelty item. While most tools are renowned for combining power with a sleek, light design, this small devise takes it to the next level. This tiny drill can fit in any tight space imaginable. There is not a lot that is known about this drill or the creator, who goes by the name screenname S8, other than the fact that this drill is alleged to work similar to its larger counterpart.

9. The World’s Smallest Donkey Kong Arcade Game

This…..darned…thing… quarter won’t fit!

How much fun is this! We’ve all dreamed owning our own personal arcade machine but how realistic is that? Arcade game consoles are huge and usually found in old school restaurants near the back or in amusement parks. But now that someone had the inclination to create an arcade console no bigger than a bottle of beer, our dreams may come true! The world’s smallest Donkey Kong Arcade Game is only 8.25-inches tall. The game version is a bit different since its run on the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME). Emulators simulate the behavior of hardware on software and allow games to be run on computers and other devices.

It runs on a GamePark GP2X Wiz, due to its speed in processing electronic information, its OLED screen and its suitability for handling the entire Donkey Kong game. The system is 512 times smaller than its normal counterpart yet includes all the 80’s glitz and glam of its predecessor. The coolest feature about this small arcade system has to be the two coin slots on the front. They did that just to mess with us, don’t you think?

8. The World’s Smallest Washing Machine

Remember honey…don’t overfill the machine.

Sometimes you just don’t want to waste your high tech, super efficient washing machine on one or two shirts. If only there were a machine just small enough for —well would you look at that…

The world’s smallest, working laundry machine was created by Haier, a company famous for its cutting edge technology in the electronic appliance arena. It is about 1 cubic foot is size and fits close to two adult sized shirts at once. It includes three wash cycles and water levels: heavy, normal and quick.

The small device was introduced a year back in China and get this—Haier is readying the washer for release on the open market. According to Haier, the device is meant for parents concerned with being green and who use diapers made of cloth. Apparently most parents use special cleaning services to wash these sorts of diapers and Haier believes they are a viable customer base. They also hinted this little gem could be used wash swimsuits drenched in chlorine or other delicate items. RV travelers might love it as well. One thing is for sure—it’ll save a ton on the water bill.

7. The World’s Smallest Digital Camera/Camcorder

You are elegance, you are style, you are….. Plankton? Now VOGUE!

This next item is very James Bond-esque, particularly because of its potential for use on top, secret reconnaissance missions. The world’s smallest camera only weighs about half an ounce and is a little over one inch wide, one inch long and one inch thick.  Obviously the creators had bare minimums in mind when they made this camera.

The pictures it takes aren’t all the bad either. The 2 megapixel picture quality is similar to a mid-range camera phone and can take pictures with 1600 x 1200 resolutions. You’ll feel like a seasoned spy veteran with this camera on hand. It is very similar to the surveillance devices used during the Cold War when agents went on missions to gather intelligence. It houses one single button and to be honest, that’s all you really need to take a picture, right? It has automatic focusing capabilities and get this—it can record video at 30 frames per second with decent quality. The recorded videos boast a respectable 640 x 480 resolution. Like any other camera, you can connect the microSD card to your computer and upload all your photos and videos.  Next time you’re feeling in the mood for some espionage; don’t forget to add this camera to your collection of cool spy tools.

6. The World’s Smallest Wireless Router

Honey, I shrunk the network?

In this new age of information, families are wary of having wireless signals that reach every device in the house including cell phones, computers and tablet devices. But don’t you hate that cluttered look from clunky, wireless routers? Well hate no more because this router is so small, you might forget it’s even there.

Produced by TP-Link, a global producer of computer networking technology, this Wireless N Nano Router provides internet access for all devices in range of its signal. It’s not even the size of your average credit card. It houses all the same technology as bigger routers, producing internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Given its size, you might not expect to hold much of a charge, but this little bad boy can work for up to four and a half hours! The fact that this router is battery powered and highly portable makes it a pretty attractive buy for many consumers throughout the world.

5. World’s Smallest Cell Phone

If you talk much, you might accidentally swallow it.

Everyone loves cell phones. Kids, young adults, and older adults, there is a phone out there for every need, from internet access to video conferencing. Since the inception of cell phones, one of the key features of their design has been size. Unlike most technology, when it comes to phones, smaller and thinner is better. But this is a bit overboard.

The Modu phone is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest phone on record in the world. The phone has all the same functions as a regular sized phone is only 0.3 inch thick. It barely weighs 40 grams. That’s about the same weight as three and a half quarters. You would think a phone this size couldn’t possibly do anything but make calls, if that. You’d be wrong. This little critter has expandable features and can double as a gaming Smartphone and transform into a mobile music player. That’s pretty impressive when you think about it.

4. World’s Smallest Microwave

Ok, now this is just being lazy…

Anyone who has ever worked in an office setting will understand this scenario.  You’re looking forward to break time, but you’re dreading the fact you have to waste five minutes going all the way to break room, just to wait in line for the microwave? Well now you don’t even have to leave your seat.

Frazer Designers and Heinz came together to create the world’s smallest microwave. It is powered through a USB connection. The Plug and play capability with the USB connection adds a bit of hi-tech flair and coolness to an otherwise mundane piece of equipment.  The world’s smallest microwave is a shade of blue and is only 7.4 inches tall, 6.2 inches wide, and 5.9 inches thick.

They should have had a contest or something like that to pick the name however. The small machine is known as the Beanzawave. If you’re like most people, the sheer ridiculousness of the name is just striking. One question you might have is just how does a microwave this small, powered by a computer, manage to generate the heat necessary to warm up your food? The answer wasn’t very comforting for the Microwave Association (Let’s stop right there for a second. Who even knew there was actually Microwave Association in existence?). Well it does exist and they aren’t thrilled the Beanzawave uses phone radio frequencies to create and produce heat. Heinz has designed little cups of food, about 1 serving worth, to be used in conjunction with the Beanzawave. They’re called “Snap Pots.”

3. World’s Smallest Espresso Machine

I need more coffee by ten am than this thing could probably make.

Everyone needs a hot cup of Joe every now and again. Espresso machines are extremely popular and with everyone on the go these days, portable varieties have become very desirable. If you’re a traveler, you may want to get your hands on the world’s smallest espresso machine, known as Simply Espresso. The wait is over for coffee, this small coffee maker will even fit perfectly in a suitcase or travel bag.

Created by the French technology company, Nielsen Innovation, the Simply Espresso machine is sold by Stelton. It’s renowned for its ease of use and it has considerable power. Just like its big brothers and sisters, the Simply Espresso can crush beans with a pressure of 16 bars. It’s 9 x 3 inches and just the right size to save the day. You can pack it for a trip, slide it in a drawer, or just save yourself some space on the kitchen counter. So how many creams and how many sugars?

2. The World’s Smallest TV

3D-Demoralizing, Dastardly and Diminutive

For as long as we can probably remember, when it comes to televisions, bigger is always better. The big screen television has recently become a hallmark of human society, with the many different options and functions, such as flat screen, plasma, 3-D. Some may consider a large Television a sign of status and success. Maybe you want to be different and own the world’s smallest television. So why not think about purchasing this small counterpart that has all the functionality and features that a large television offers.

Your eyes may hurt just thinking about this little whopper, but this small machine comes with special television glasses. This little bit of technology was designed specially to be used with unique television glasses; that is suggested to enhance the picture quality and personal television experience. The screen is about half as big as a postage stamp.

1. World’s Smallest Computer (Computing System)

Maybe if I implant this in your brain, you’ll be smarter.

Computers have become ubiquitous in our society. Only twenty years ago, we were looking at computers and wondering if they were just too complicated to handle. In the beginning they were large and hardly equipped with the technology we have today. Over time though, computers and their processors became sleeker and faster. Laptops, calculators, Ipads, smartphones, they are all very small computers. But here we have the world’s smallest computing system.

The world’s smallest computing system is only millimeters long and about the size of a single letter on the back of a penny. It was designed as a monitoring system to measure eye pressure in glaucoma patients. The device can be transplanted behind the eyes. It is a powerful little joker able to connect with wireless networks from other computers and devices. It’s considered a revolutionary tool that could lead to similar devices that can measure pollution levels, structural integrity in buildings or even perform surveillance.

A guy named Bell once proposed a theory concerning small computers. According to his theory, every ten years or so, we get a new class of smaller, more efficient computers. He even predicted that they’d get smaller and smaller. With this new ultra small computer, it’d be ok to guess we’re right on track.

This list had a bit of everything. We’ve seen a microwaves that you can plug up to your computer, a washing machine that barely reaches your knees, cell phones smaller than your finger, miniature arcade systems, and lots of other small technology.   One thing is for sure, it’s amazing that so many types of technology can be housed in such small bits of space. It’s a testament to how cool technology (and the humans that invent it) really is.

Technology has come a long, long way. Gone are the days when cell phones were the size of your head, computers seemed to weigh a ton, and televisions were strictly for the house. As a people, we’ve managed to essentially shrink everything down to bite size. It might be worth taking a look at possibly owning one of these trinkets just to show it off the Jones’.