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Science & Nature

10 Things You Never Knew About Time

It’s something that we all live it. It rules our schedules, dictating when we work, play, eat, and sleep. We think about it constantly, but it still sneaks up on us. What is this “it”? It’s time. And even though time is engrained into our daily lives, most of us probably don’t know too much […]

Top 10 Alternative Energy Sources

This list is one that I am very close too. I worked for the Department Of Energy for 10 years. During that time I was very interested in the subject of alternative energy sources and was frequently involved in testing new technologies for conserving the energy we currently use. While I was with the DOE […]

Top 20 Amazing Natural Wonders

Many people have marveled at the Seven Wonders of the World. Made by man they are a testament to human engineering and cooperation. But as we learn more about our planet it becomes clear that there are a lot more natural wonders of the world. Some of the items on this list are very new, […]

Top 10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth

Since the beginning of time, humans have pondered the end of the world just as much as they have pondered the beginning of it. As knowledge of our world and the science that explains it has grown, mankind has become much more sophisticated in understanding what kind of phenomena could do enough damage wipe out […]

Top 10 Most Bizarre and Exotic Flowers

Putting together a list of the world’s most beautiful flowers is a sure-fire recipe for controversy. Everything from scent to sentimentality influences people’s favorite flowers, and beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. With that in mind, what follows is a list of the most bizarre and exotic flowers in the world, […]

Top 10 Unsolved Problems of Science

It is only a matter of time before the unsolvable becomes solved. Many scientist of ancient time thought the earth was flat with a huge water fall at the end, thus discouraged explorers from traveling the sea. Philosophers of the early time could not explain what why a person got sick let alone what the […]

Top 10 Invention that Should be Created for the Internet

The internet and technology in general has come a long way in the past 50 years. The jaws would undoubtedly drop on the greatest minds of the 17th century if they could see how far our society has come. With every great invention people still mourn for enhancements, faster, more accurate, more features, or even […]