Top 10 Clothes Men Wish Women Would Wear

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There is no doubt that women enjoy looking good for themselves and for their friends when they shop for different outfits and accessories. However, women also want to look good and attractive to men when they wear certain outfits and may desire some insight as to what men truly want to see women wearing. Look no further, ladies! Here is a list of the top 10 outfits that men wish they could see you in.

10. High Heels

A woman should never underestimate the power of a good pair of heels. They are compatible with almost any outfit and almost every occasion as a stylish, fashionable and presentable accessory. Even though they are not comfortable for women to walk or stand in for long periods of time, a good pair of heels does a great job at accentuating the curves and lengths of a woman’s leg, making them a wonderful addition for most outfits.

9. Boots

Just like with high heels, a great pair of boots can elevate a woman’s fashion sense through the roof and her attraction factor for men will follow right behind it. They fit the lower leg and feet just like a tailored dress or top fits a woman’s body. During the winter months, when heels do not work very well for women anymore, wearing boots will still maintain the same attraction factor and stylish look so that women can look their very best all year long.

8. Bath Robe

The bath robe is one of the simplest and most comfortable outfits for women to wear around the house at their leisure. However, it is also one of the most attractive and alluring outfits to wear if a man is at home with you. Why? Men love mystery! When it comes to opening presents, men are usually the ones that will rip apart the wrapping just to get to the hidden treasure or open the cereal box upside down to get to the prize before eating anything. By wearing a bath robe, whether they know it or not, it as if women are wrapping themselves as presents. One of the primary benefits of the bath robe is the relaxing and comfortable feeling that you get by wearing it. However, there is an undeniable attraction factor that is included with wearing it as a bonus package that add this item to a man’s wish list for a woman’s wardrobe.

7. Form Fitting Workout Clothes

It is no secret that men love women in form fitting clothing. The problem is that there is not a lot of form fitting clothing that is comfortable and relaxing for women to wear at any time of the day or night. With form-fitting workout, however, they have the comfort and flexibility that they need while still giving men the eye candy that they enjoy. While men are attracted to women in workout clothes both inside and outside of the gym, they are still very comfortable for women to wear when they exercise.

6. The Power Suit

The business suit on any person (man or woman) generates a powerful presence for the person that is wearing it and commands respect. Just as women are attracted to men when they are dressed in a nice suit, the same is true when it comes to men being attracted to women. The sleek and dignified image makes them stand out in a way that men just cannot resist. A business suit also gives women flexible options for their professional business attire at work. For instance, they may choose not to wear the suit coat and just wear a nice blouse with the suit pants. For a more relaxed look, they could even unbutton their blouse to show more skin which is hardly ever something that a man refuses to see. Therefore, the business suit is definitely a part of this wish list.

5. Men’s Shirts

It’s not very clear as to why men enjoy seeing their women wear their shirts around the house, but they definitely do. Please bear in mind that this does not mean they want women to wear their clothes out in public, because this could be viewed as being more repulsive than attractive. However, there is definitely an undeniable element of attraction that is taken into consideration when a woman is casually wearing a man’s shirt. The list of possible options is almost endless. A woman can wear a man’s T-shirt, tank top, collared shirt, dress shirt, jersey, etc. and still be able to appeal to their man on almost every occasion.

4. A Little Black Dress

There are certain things that men and women alike should own at least one of within their wardrobe. For men, a nice blazer is a necessity (especially if they do not own any suits) because they never know when a blazer will come in handy for them. All women need to have a little black dress hanging up in their closets, because it is something that you can literally wear in almost every single setting. In addition to that, regardless of your body type, most men are attracted to women in little black dresses. Women can wear these dresses to work, church, the mall, on a date, to a formal event and on so many other occasions. The simplicity of the outfit accentuates the woman’s other wonderful features and is more appealing than most other fashionable choices.

3. Wrap Dress

We have already discussed the gift-wrapping mindset that a man is in when a woman is dressed in a bathrobe. This is the same mentality that a man has when he sees a woman wearing a beautiful wrap dress. The fabric of most wrap dresses is form fitting, so it accentuates the woman’s curves. They also bare enough skin to be enticing and relaxing without being tacky and inappropriate. Just as with the little black dress, a good quality wrap dress is good to wear for almost any occasion and is almost guaranteed to drive a man crazy every single time that he sees a woman in it.

2. Slim Fitting Jeans

This is another comfortable yet desirable item of clothing that a woman can wear almost any place and is guaranteed to grab the attention of almost every man that sees her. It’s a very popular and fashionable item that is advertised in fashion magazines and in fashion shows because of how well they work with almost any top. You could wear a nice blouse, tank top, shirt, etc. and still look great in those jeans. Since they are form-fitting, these slim jeans display a woman’s legs in a similar way that a good skirt or dress would do as well.

1. Lingerie

The common factors of the top outfits on this list are form-fitting fabrics, fantasy fulfillment and bare skin exposure while maintaining style, elegance and an element of attraction. What better combines all of these principles together more than lingerie? Good quality lingerie can go a long way in knocking a man off of his feet, which is why it ranks so high on their wish list. A woman that wears baggy clothing with a head full of curlers all of the time around the house is not what a man necessarily would enjoy seeing on a regular basis. Sensual lingerie choices can spice things up and undoubtedly tops the wish list since it is something that most men cannot resist and would not want to even if they could.

Moderation Plays a Vital Role

It is always important to keep in mind that moderation and flexibility are essential when it comes to wearing any of these outfits. As with anything else, too much of anything is never a good thing – no matter how great it may look or feel. Women should definitely keep variety within their wardrobe; mix it up, keep it fresh and you will always keep those men wanting more!