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Top 10 Most Successful Pirate Plunderers in History

We have a love affair with pirates. Since Pirates of the Caribbean hit theaters a few years back, it seems like everywhere there are images of good-natured pirates sailing under the Jolly Roger. But, unfortunately, the movie Pirates presents a less-than-accurate representation of how the plundering life would have really been. The romanticized notion of […]

10 Influential World Leaders You’ve Probably Never Heard About

All hail…what’s that guy’s name? Well, you might not know him, but odds are he’s pretty important in his own country. Even the smallest nations are led by someone, and that person is usually a big deal. The majority of people don’t know anything about other countries’ leaders, especially those that aren’t leading major world […]

Historys 10 Most Influential Comedians

Comedy is, well, funny. The genre has changed tremendously since its debut thousands of years ago, moving from the long plays of ancient Greece to the short one-liners of today’s stand-up comedians. But one thing has remained the same through it all: comedy makes people feel good. And sometimes, it brings people to tears with […]

10 Best Posthumous Awards

Most really big awards, like those given on a national level, are meant to recognize a great accomplishment. These awards give recipients a pat on the back for bravery, good deeds, excellent work, or brilliant ideas. The awarding organization wants award recipients to know the value of their contribution, so it usually helps if the […]

Top 10 Significant Advertising Icons that do More than Sell

It seems like all big companies ever want to do is sell, sell, sell. They’ll do whatever it takes to make their products into things that consumers can’t do without. To that end, shelling out big bucks for ad campaigns is a common feat. It’s arguably the best tactic for getting a product on the […]

10 Extinct Species That We Should Miss

Dinosaurs were surely fantastic creatures, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wishes Tyrannosaurus rex were alive and roaming the streets. If dinosaurs weren’t extinct, humankind probably would be. All in all, the dinosaur extinction is something we should be happy about, at least from a human survival perspective. So sorry, T. Rex, […]

Top 10 National Symbols

Talk about national pride. From flags to designated animals of state, nations go out of their way to distinguish themselves from one another. They’ve made national emblems out of everything. But beyond making nations stand out, patriotic icons can also help outsiders learn a lot about a country with just a quick glance. A fleeting […]

Top 10 Lost Civilizations

There’s something fantastically romantic about the idea of a lost civilization. Perhaps it’s the mystery that surrounds these historical treasures. Personally, I’m always excited by the idea that the world might be a very different place had they survived to influence us today. 10. The Minoans The Minoan civilization is widely regarded to have been […]

Top 10 Amazing UFO Sightings

The sighting of strange craft, lights and entities over our skies has taken place for centuries now. These mysterious visions have taken many forms and have been explained in a variety of different ways. Many attribute them to bizarre natural phenomenon, others claim that they are visitors from another dimension, even the realm of the […]

10 Games Children Can Play Outdoors

We now live in a world with internet, widescreen TV’s, X-box’s, and cell phones. Although these are wonderful and entertaining bits of technology, they do come at a cost. The latest generation is growing up with a serious lack of social skills. There is a very noticeable drop in physical activity as well. As a […]

Top 10 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying

Not to set out on a low note but there is no definite way to know if someone is lying to you. That’s one of the reasons lie detector tests are not allowed as evidence in court. Every one is different and the signs we can use to detect lies are subject to a lot […]

10 Things You Never Knew About Time

It’s something that we all live it. It rules our schedules, dictating when we work, play, eat, and sleep. We think about it constantly, but it still sneaks up on us. What is this “it”? It’s time. And even though time is engrained into our daily lives, most of us probably don’t know too much […]