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Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Barrack Obamas Family

When ‘regular people’ are drafted up into the limelight it can often be hard to remember they are no different from the rest of us with likes and dislikes, habits and foibles, strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few facts about the Obama family surrounding the first couple that might help the rest of us […]

Top 10 Worst Financial Crisis in U.S. History

Your 401(k) is in the crapper, and you are on the window ledge. Well, you can try comfort yourself (if only a little) by remembering that the United States has been through tough times before (often with familiar themes) and has survived…although this current crisis has the potential to dwarf nearly all of them. 10. […]

Top 10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth

Since the beginning of time, humans have pondered the end of the world just as much as they have pondered the beginning of it. As knowledge of our world and the science that explains it has grown, mankind has become much more sophisticated in understanding what kind of phenomena could do enough damage wipe out […]

Top 10 Classical Music Pieces of All Time

For tens of thousands of years, mankind has used music to lure mates, express himself creatively, and soothe his soul. Despite all the different genres of music that has existed throughout the ages, non continues to capture the imagination of humanity’s creative force like classical music. Tens of thousands of works of classical music have […]

Top 10 Jobs For Lazy People

Having a job can really cramp your style. In addition to seriously messing with your sleep schedule and preventing you from watching good daytime t.v., it imposes responsibilities on you and requires you to live up to them. Sure, this is great if you’re a real go-getter, but what about those of us who would […]

Top Ten Movie Pet Peeves

No, we’re not talking about people talking through the coming attractions and yapping on their cell phones during the movies, though those things are certainly annoying enough to warrant their own Top Ten list. We’re talking about things that go on in the movies themselves that make us want to toss what’s left of our […]

Top 10 Mysterious Text and Codes

Throughout recorded history humans have used language to share its secrets with the next generations. In some cases however the books, manuscripts, or engraving are stored so effectively that the world changes drastically before the information comes to light. Cultures transform, rulers play musical chairs, and sometimes even whole languages are lost or forgotten. In […]

Top 10 Most Controversial U.S. Supreme Court Rulings

As everyone should know, the United States Supreme Court is the highest court of law in the country, issuing decisions on a whole host of issues that affect the lives of every American. Some of these decisions have not been universally accepted, causing rifts among the populace. At the risk of further deepening those risks […]

Top 10 Driving Pet Peeves

When it comes to driving, everyone has their own way of doing things, which would seem to negate state licensing standards. And while everyone believes themselves to be a “great” driver, they usually have a list of pet peeves about other drivers a mile long. If you don’t see yourself on this list, you haven’t […]

Top 10 Most Bizarre and Exotic Flowers

Putting together a list of the world’s most beautiful flowers is a sure-fire recipe for controversy. Everything from scent to sentimentality influences people’s favorite flowers, and beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. With that in mind, what follows is a list of the most bizarre and exotic flowers in the world, […]

Top 10 Best Beers

As with so many lists of this nature, the top ten best beers in all the world are completely subjective and up to the discretion of the individual palate. I do believe, however, that it wold be tough for any connoisseur to argue against most of the choices in this compilation. 10. Bali Hai – […]

Top 10 Best Alternative Rock Bands of the 90s

The 1990s was the decade that returned the music world to the era of heavy guitar licks and angst-driven music. The recession that closed in on the global economy early in the decade filtered into the new music scene and the bubble pop and big hair bands of the 80s slowly made way for music […]