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Top 10 Fates Worse than Death

Death could be the worst thing that can happen to someone. Others might argue death is the best thing that can happen in remote parts of the world and birth is the worst. Now then lets begin with the list. 10. Being buried alive It’s got to be the worst way to go out: knowing […]

Top 10 African Video Games

Most of the games made in Africa are single platform and the most popular platform is PC due to cost. Even that can be a challenge for African game developers because of slow internet and the lack of the availability of technology of the player. Yet the developers persevere. The criteria of the list isn’t […]

Top 10 Universal Languages

Though there are hundreds of languages and dialects throughout the world, there are some languages that, no matter what your latitude and longitude point is, you’ll understand them – no translation needed. Whether it is a physical language, such as sign language – or one of the arts, universal languages transcend international boundaries and are […]

Top 10 Highly Controversial Medical Issues

Medicine is one of the earliest practices and one of the most ancient sciences that humans apply in their lives. In its root, medicine opposes natural processes of selection and adaptation; thus, it puts people above other living creatures in their intelligent attempts to be influential for a healthy outcome. Various medical approaches are highly […]

Top 10 Touching Bible Stories

Even among those who would consider themselves to be atheist or agnostic, it would be difficult for anyone to call the Bible anything short of a fantastic piece of literature. Some of the stories contained in it are filled with beautiful imagery, intriguing foreshadowing, lyrical poetry, and a host of other stellar literary devices. However, […]

Top 10 Most Relaxed Prisons

Prison, deriving from the Old French prisoun, is a place where those who have committed a crime are placed into physical confinement, and often lose certain personal rights. In the old days, prison was not an end in itself, and was generally used as a holding place for criminals until they were sent to receive […]

Top 10 Undocumented Languages

There is no single definition of what constitutes a “documented” language. It’s not as precise as “extinct” (a language that no longer has any speakers), “dead” (no longer spoken by anyone as their main language or has lost all its native speakers), “moribund” (has reached a reduced stage of use), or “endangered” (at risk of […]

Top 15 Difficult Popular Songs to Sing

We sing some of our favorite songs in our car, in the shower or while exercising without thinking about getting the tone or timing right. It takes many hours of breathing exercises to hold notes that are on par with the great voices in the world. Sometimes, difficult training is not enough, you must be […]

Top 10 Famous Blind People

Of all of the disabilities in the world, blindness can be one of the most difficult ones to deal with. Whether a person is born blind or loses their sight at some later point in their lifetime, the inability to see can make everything a person does more challenging. Of course, challenges are meant to […]

Top 10 Best Federal Credit Unions

Federally chartered credit unions were established in 1934 following the passage of the Federal Credit Union Act. The law’s purpose was to help individuals establish credit and promote sound financial principles through a nationwide system of non-profit credit unions. Credit unions can be chartered under state or federal law. Some credit unions are chartered under […]

Top 10 Best Online Banks

It’s safe to say that the internet has become a part of our daily lives. You can shop, interact with friends and family, look for a significant other, and even earn a college degree all via the internet. One of the online activities that took awhile to catch is online banking. Some of the first […]

Top 10 Harmful Teratogens

The meaning of Teratogens has come from two Greek root words. Terata stands for an abnormally developed and unusually looking fetus, and “-gen” means production. Teratogens are chemical, biological or physical factors that might cause an abnormal development of a fetus in the mother’s womb. Remarkably, during the pregnancy there are a few periods when […]