Top 10 Badass Fiction/Nonfiction Fights that you can’t Imagine

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Head to head showdowns is what you will find in this article. From grandmasters of martial arts schools to military super powers flexing their muscle. I have always loved the intensity of the atomosphere where two very powerful entities go toe to toe with each other. Enjoy

10. Jackie Chan vs Hwang Jang Lee

Snake in Eagles Shadow

If you like old school kung fu flicks this movie is for you. I am really not a fan of Jackie Chan movies but this movie in particular has always had my attention. You have two grandmasters of opposing fighting styles battling it out. Siu Tien Yuen, grandmaster of the snake fist style chose a disciple and trained him in the snake fist technique. I have got to tell you this scene is awesome.

9. D Day Normandy Invasion

First off — I must give thanks to all the soldiers that are serving and have served in Americas armed forces. The operation was the largest amphibious invasion of all time, with over 175,000 troops landing Allied naval and merchant navy personnel in over 5,000 ships arrived on the frontline. The invasion required the transport of soldiers and materiel from the United Kingdom by troop-laden aircraft and ships, the assault landings, air support, naval interdiction of the English Channel and naval fire-support. Hitler knew this day would come and tried to convince Mexico to declare war on US. But Mexico was smart knowing US would use nuclear means to quickly end the war between US and Mexico.

8. Rock Lee vs Gaara


Both Rock Lee and Gaara are badass fighters. These fighters are taking a chunin exam to earn the next higher ninja rank (chunin). Although these fighters are not compatible with each other it turns out that this one he11 of a fight. With Rock Lees incredible speed and Gaaras pure taste for blood makes these fight jaw dropping. If you watch this video you must watch the whole thing and I assure you — you will not be disappointed.

7. Leroy VS Sho’ Nuff

The Last Dragon

The last dragon was produced by Barry Gordon so you know this is a good film. He did a very good job of on the final fight which is the fight above. In the movie Leroy goes on a quest to attain the “final level” aka the last dragon. When a martial artist reaches the last level his body will glow which means he is the greatest fighter alive. For Leroy to reach the last dragon he must face Sho’Nuff.

6. The most beautiful fight

House of Flying Daggers

Set in a similar time to Hero, the plot revolves around the mysterious House of Flying Daggers, a group of assassins leading a rebellion of sorts, against the rulers of their land. News has reached the local military captain Leo (Andy Lau) that the leader of the House can be found plying their trade in the local brothel. Sensing that this could be the key to ending their resistance he sends one of his men, Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro), to infiltrate the establishment posing as a customer.

5. Jet Li vs. Billy Chow

Fist of Legend

By now everyone knows Jet Li. But this film and in particular this scene is a rare one by the one and only Jet Li. I hold this scene as Jet Lis best fight of his career. If like this video you will love the video of him in the beginning of this movie fighting black belts in a dojo.

4. Itachi VS Sasuke


Itachi is BAMF. Very few people in the naruto series can take him on equal ground. His little brother Sasuke is determined to kill him after itachi single handedly destroyed the whole Uchiha clan leaving only Sasuke alive. Sasuke trains for years preparing for a fight against his brother. When Sasuke and Itachi finally meet all he11 breaks lose and it is one of the beautiful fights in any anime.

3. Sing vs The Best

The choreography in the scene is spectacular. You also must see the previous fights in this film too. They are really awesome

2. Yamamoto vs Allon


No one can test Yamamoto power in the whole series of bleach except probably Aizen but I kinda doubt that. This is a rare occasion that we actually see this guy fight and when he does fight he really goes all out.Even when standing against a powerful enemy such as Allon — Yamamoto just slices him up effortlessly. Truly, amazing.

1. IP vs 10 Black Belts

IP Man

IP is one of the few top ranked Kung Fu grandmasters in china. As the trainer of Bruce Lee he stands up against the top Japanese general that invaded and killed many chinese citizens.