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Top 10 21st Century Addictive Street Drugs

Drug addiction and the use of illegal substances is nothing new to many areas throughout the world, but each year addicts and drug dealers desperately search for new recipes and different way to create addictive substances that will inevitably “be in high demand”, leaving communities in both suburban and rural areas left to deal with […]

Top 10 Examples of Religious Persecution

Religious persecution is a common occurrence in the history of man. Being abused, mistreated or even killed for having a difference in religious beliefs, connections or lack of them, is all too common; even in many lands today. One’s religious views can be seen as a direct extension of their moral fiber. When it comes […]

Top 10 Mommy Dearest: Mothers Who Kill Their Children

What makes a mother kill her children? How can a woman find it in her heart to destroy someone that she is supposed to love, with every fiber of her being? When does a mother’s mind stop knowing the difference between right in wrong, when it comes to harming what has come from her own […]

Top 10 Fascinating Mathmatics Anomalies

The process of discovery starts when we realize something is unusual or unexpected in nature – not fitting in our view of how things should happen in everyday life. By exploring these anomalies that challenge our basic assumptions on math and science, we can discover a deeper personal understanding of the issue and learn to […]

Top 10 Man-Made Diseases

There is something almost contradictory around the idea of man-made diseases. It could easily create images of mad scientists or evil terrorists creating the ultimate in biological weaponry. At this point the conspiracy theorist in all of us starts to wonder about the origin of any number of diseases and we look over our shoulders […]

Top 10 Marketing Tricks used on Consumers

Whether you see them as brilliantly clever or dastardly insidious, the best tricks and traps of marketing strategies, catch us all at one time or another. They play on our sensitivities, play on fears and sometimes they just play with us and we join the game willingly. This Top Ten list of Marketing Tricks, starting […]

Top 10 Potential Reasons for Life

What is the reason for life? What were we put in the universe to accomplish? Is there a true meaning for the creation of man? Was man really placed on Earth and left with no instruction of direction? There will always be questions in regards to life and the meaning of it; until someone discovers […]

10 Truly Badass Women of the Renaissance

Women have always had a role in history. No matter what corner of the world you search, you can be sure that in the history of any nation, is a woman who left an impact. Whether it was through beauty, chastity or the ability to be cunning and rule with an iron clad fist; there […]

11 Unacceptable Forms of Girl Bullying

Bullying is one of the most troubling experiences that a young girl can face, today. They are victims of physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of their peers and usually suffer in silence. However, there are some behaviors that many may not identify as bullying. These everyday occurrences can have the same effect […]

Top 10 Famous Korean Paintings

Art has been a part of Korean culture for centuries. Definitely influenced by the Chinese, it is ironic that the two countries have never had periods where they were both producing great art work and artists at the same time. Korean artists used the influence of the Chinese to create their own styles. Using this, […]

8 Interesting Immortal Organisms

A cell or organism that does not experience aging, or ceases to age at some point, is called biologically immortal. It is an absence of a sustained increase in mortality rate as a function of chronological age. Mortality rate is a measure of the number of deaths in a population, scaled to the size of […]

Top 10 Forms of Psychiatric Institution Abuse

The validation of my sanity may well be dependent on labeling the other insane. As society has evolved, so have the definitions of sanity and in turn, madness. While at one time, even political disobedience was a good enough reason for someone to be sent to an asylum, today, we revere the rebel and praise […]