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Top 10 Oldest Recorded Histories

While there are many interpretations of “Recorded History” that can be considered in addressing this list, some are bound to prejudices and other limitations to our thinking that cannot be accepted in intelligent conversation. For this reason the list has tried to take into account the Oldest Recorded Histories of as many continents as possible […]

Top 10 Banned Scientific Research Studies

At the thought of banned scientific research the imagination runs wildly to tales of islands where dinosaurs have been reconstituted from rare DNA samples and a laboratory where children are shrunk by their father to the size of insects. Even if they are vaguely more realistic, many scientific research projects still incline us to ask, […]

Top 10 Interesting Psychology Theories

Modern psychology has redefined the way we look at the human brain. We understand today that all of human behavior, motivation and personality stems from the foundation our brain establishes from the moment we exist. The world around us and how we react to it defines modern psychology. The human brain is the most complex […]

Top 10 Human Responsibilities

When you hear the words human responsibilities referenced what is it that immediately comes to mind? Some start thinking of daily activities like taking out the trash, others think of things like working a job to support families or themselves but human responsibilities are much bigger than what any of you might think. A majority […]

The Top 10 Works of Ancient Literature

Ever since humans mastered the art of recording words in Bronze Age Mesopotamia we have been concocting stories to entertain and inform. This list looks at the very origins of writing, highlighting the top 10 works of ancient literature, with masterpieces from as far back as Sumerian times. Let’s delve into antiquity to see just […]

Top 10 Demonstrations

All over the world people believe that to achieve change we must gather as one force against a cause or issue. It is said that the proof is in numbers. Protestors believe that the larger the group, the more serious politicians will take their demands or complaints. So they gather in the streets for hours, […]

Top 10 Dangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

The CDC estimates over 19 million new STD infections are diagnosed every year in the U.S., almost half of them in men and women 15 to 24 years old. Doctors say there anywhere from 25-50 different kinds of STD, though you have probably only heard of the 7-10 most common ones. Most sexually transmitted infections […]

Top 10 Well Written Songs

There are people in the world who will tell you that music is a window to the soul and in so many ways that statement can be true. Music touches on emotion, it can make you feel happy or sad and sometimes both at the same exact time. Without lyrics music is a simple melody […]

Top 10 Medical Emergency Techniques you Should Know

The problem with emergencies is that they catch us unaware, yet they require us to take immediate action to deal with them. We have gotten so used to being able to call for help that few of us take into account that there may be situations where even emergency service personnel may not respond fast […]

Top 10 Most Boring Cities in America

America, the land of the free, the home of the brave, the star spangled banner, the stars and stripes, etc, etc .. but never the boring, surely? Based on extensive research coupled with actual real life experience, here are the cities with the boredom factor. Warning : some of these choices may surprise you! 10. […]

10 Interesting Firearms History Facts

Ever since the invention of gun powder, man has been developing firearms that shoot faster, longer and more accurately than the generation before him. Firearms have become a part of history. They do not confine themselves to the areas of military lore, but enter realms of politics, exploration and adventure. If you have not been […]

10 Bizarre Native American Customs

Your family gathers around the dining room table at Thanksgiving, holds hands, and you all sing the table grace. Or it’s your birthday, and even at the age of 30, your mother insists that you eat your dinner off of the “Birthday” plate; and you know that sometime after blowing out the candles, you’re going […]