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Top 10 Famous Exhibitionist

Exhibitionists love to expose themselves to others, especially the parts of their body’s that are supposed to be kept private. It’s usually the genital areas of the body that are put on display. Generally, women tend to show their buttocks and breasts. Yet, there are some that don’t mind sharing a little more with the […]

Top 10 Famous Shoe Fanatics

How many pairs of shoes would you consider to be too many? What do you think about owning so many pairs of shoes, that you have a whole room in your home dedicated to housing them? Is there such a thing as spending too much money on one pair of shoes? Does it make sense […]

Top 10 Celebrity Baby Photos

Celebrities live out their lives for all to see. We hear and see about celebrities personal lives such as whether they are cheating or getting married, their girlfriend or boyfriends that have done them wrong. Also, other mistakes that makes us glad we are not in the limelight. But, what about the more innocent times […]

Top 10 Lesser Known Religions

Many have heard of Christianity, Baptist, Buddhism, Mormonism, and so on. Have you heard of a religion based on spirits, dreaming, or even the religion of the earth being represented as a turtle? This list covers religions that people practice all over the world and some ancient religions such as, Zoroastrianism. Diversity in religion is […]

10 Good Looking Celebrities that Played Ugly

Here are 10 celebrities that played nerd or ugly parts either in a movie or on TV. Amazing how these actors and actresses can change their appearances. I will include before and after pictures in each item. Enjoy!! 10. America Ferrera Movie/Show: Ugly Betty Betty Suarez has always had one goal in life: to make […]