Top 10 Famous Shoe Fanatics

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How many pairs of shoes would you consider to be too many? What do you think about owning so many pairs of shoes, that you have a whole room in your home dedicated to housing them? Is there such a thing as spending too much money on one pair of shoes? Does it make sense for shoes to have more value than most of the clothes in closets across the world?

For many, shoes are a necessity. Then there are those who see them as a reward. Yet again, some people see them as a must have and can’t stop buying them. There are people are addicted to shoes like others are addicted to alcohol and food. Their addiction leads to them owning excessive amounts of them or spending excessive amounts of money on them. But when you’re famous and/or rich, it doesn’t really matter. There are even some not-so-famous people who are shoe fanatics as well.

Famous names are attached to a variety of obsessions. Many celebrities are shoe fanatics and are addicted to shoes like others are addicted to drugs and alcohol. And most have no problem admitting it. This may have something to do with the fact that they can afford their habit. None is ever surprised when they hear how many pairs of shoes a celebrity has or how much money they spent on the custom made pair they were seen wearing.

10. Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff ripped a lot of people off.  Using a “Ponzi scheme”, the money that would-be investors thought they were using to ensure a secure financial future, was instead used to fund hid lavish lifestyle and upkeep his fake persona. He ended up paying for his crime with his freedoms.

However, there was something that few people knew about Bernie. Mr. Madoff was a shoe fanatic, with a fetish for leather loafers. When Madoff’s personal property was seized for auction, everyone was surprised to find that he owned 250 pairs of leather loafers from around the world. Many of the never-worn shoes came from England, France or Italy.

9. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera started seeking fame and fortune early in life as a young performer a popular children’s channel. By the time she was 19 years old, she was on her way to becoming a pop star. Christina had no problem speaking of her shoe addiction and has a closet in her LA mansion, with a wall in it that is solely dedicated to her collection. Her extensive collection is sorted by designer and boasts names like Louboutin, McQueen and YSL. Christina’s collection is built of more than 750 pairs of shoes. The floor to ceiling wall comes fully equipped, there’s a rolling ladder installed for easy access.

8. Mariah Carey

A singer with a voice that reaches octaves that are unbelievable, Mariah Carey loves her shoes. She owns a variety of pairs of wedges, boots and designer labeled stilettos that total over 1,000.  To show how much she loves her shoes, she had a space specially designed for them. Made of gold leaf and bleached wood, Mariah’s shoes are housed in class.

7. Eva Peron (1919 – 1952)

Eva Peron, also known as Evita, was the wife of First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until she passed away. In her lifetime, however, he accomplished many things that won her favor with the people of her country. She fought for the rights of laborers and women, and was the head of the first political party that catered to women on a large scale, the Female Peronist Party.

As a child, Eva was poor and often wore shoes that were broken and torn. Once she became a theatre star, she learned to appreciate the finer things in life. As the First Lady, her status required she had only the best. A loyal fan of Salvatore Ferragamo, she had her shoes custom made with mink fur; which was considered the most expensive fur in the world during her time. While no one is sure of how many pairs she owned, it has been often said that her collection would rival that of Imelda Marcos.

6. Imelda Marcos

Filipino politician and widow of the 10th Philippine President, Imelda Marcos’ name will always be synonymous with “shoes”. In 1986, the Marcos family was forced to flee the Philippines after a 4 fay revolution overthrew the government. There was no time to gather personal belongings before the desperate flight to Hawaii.

Imelda was forced to abandon all of her worldly possessions. It was revealed, that inside the Malacanang Palace, Imelda had left behind an amazing amount of clothing and accessories. Among them, 15 mink coats and 1000 hand bags. Yet, the discarded items that shocked the world most, was the 1,060 pairs of shoes that she was forced to run away from. Uproar started when it was revealed that there was no evidence to point to the Marcos family having personal worth that would allow them to support such a lavish lifestyle. The suggestion that taxpayer money was spent so that Imelda could have the finer things in life, shed a bad light on the then exiled former first-lady.

5. Beth Shak

This 41 year old, Million Dollar Matchmaker is the owner of more than 1200 pairs of shoes. Her exclusive shoe collection carries famous names like Manolo Blahnik, Chanel and Lanvin. Yet, the envy of any woman in the world is sure to be the 700 pairs of her favorite label, Christian Louboutin. Her expensive habit is funded by her winnings as a professional poker player. She is known for wearing her heels to her poker games and you can bet that everyone notices when she isn’t donning her high heeled, butt kickers.

4.  Paris Hilton

Heiress to the Hilton fortune, this pretty blonde can afford to have an appetite for shoes. And she does! Paris Hilton is a true shoe fanatic with over 2000 pairs of shoes in her collection. Her well broadcasted obsession with shoes was the motivation behind a Christmas gift that she received from a local business man. He gave the fashionista a custom made, size 11, 14 karat gold and diamond studded pair of shoes.

Paris’ collection of foot wear is full of all of her favorite names; Louboutin, YSL and her newest addition….Tory Burch. The socialite fell so deeply in love with the designer’s shoes that she ordered 20 pair, at one time. She was sure to order 3 each of the basic colors, in case they are phased out. Still, Paris will swear that a pair of Christian Louboutin red-bottoms is something that every girl should have.

3. Celine Dion

Singer, Celine Dion, will forever be remembered for her chart-topping song, “My Heart Will Go On.” The sweet voiced crooner has been singing songs of love for over a decade. Yet, there is a love in her life that she will never deny…shoes! Celine Dion is another famous shoe fanatic that has no issues with admitting that she has an obsession. The singer has openly said that she can’t stop buying them. The songbird admits to owning 3000 pairs of them. Her shoe collection is dear to her heart. She houses them in closets built into the wall of her home.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is all grown up and has the taste to prove it. As a child star, she won the hearts of people across the country with her flaming red hair and adorable freckled face. She has starred in many movies and even tried her hand as a vocalist. As a teen and young adult, she has seemed to find trouble and it won’t stop following her.

With expensive taste, Lindsay has no qualms with dropping $1200 on a single pair of shoes id she likes them enough. Lindsay isn’t in denial about being a shoe fanatic and is the first to admit that she owns 5000 pairs of shoes from designers all over the world. She has even called her obsession with shoes “mad”.

1. Danielle Steele

Danielle Steele is an American romance novelist who had peened over 50 books and is one of the top selling authors in the country. She is also a serious shoe fanatic with an obsession with one designer….Christian Louboutin.  A devoted fan of the man responsible for high heeled craze, Steele owns over 6000 pair of the high priced designer’s signature red bottom shoes.

Steele is known to fly from the US to France just to purchase his merchandise. It’s been said that she has even purchased 80 pair at one time. Her Louboutin collection by itself puts a value of nearly $3,000,000 on the famed writer’s shoe closet. At last count, it was joked that it would take the author 16 years to wear a different pair of shoes each day before she had to wear the first pair again.

As you can see, anyone can be a shoe fanatic. From criminal master minds to presidential first ladies; no one is exempt from the power that shoes can gain over ones senses. Many famous shoe fanatics have shoes that they will never wear. Yet, they can’t help but buy more.

Is it possible that some of these people really have an issue that they are trying to ignore? Who needs more shoes than they can possibly wear in one lifetime? Or is it because they have the money, it doesn’t matter. Whatever the reason, shoes are an obsession for some. And anyone who isn’t a shoe fanatic wouldn’t understand unless the shoe was on the other foot.