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History & Politics

Top 10 Influential Medieval Women

Before the Renaissance, women in particular were not recognized widely for their contributions to writing and the arts.  In these medieval times, women were greatly oppressed and the consensus were usually that women were not to be educated at all “Seen but not heard”.  Women were not allowed many privileges that were considered only for […]

Top 10 Cursed Relics throughout History

When most people associate the word “Cursed” with ancient relics, objects, places, and artifacts, they think of bestselling fiction novels, block buster movies, popular videogames, and of course, “Indiana Jones.” With that said what if there were actual reported cases of unexplainable mishaps related to a painting, necklace, or antique. This is a list of […]

Top 10 Contributions of the Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party, also known as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was founded on the principles of improving the lives of Black Americans. They emphasized Black Nationalism and equality for all Black people. They combated the racist oppression of White America and fought actively to change the twisted institutions that allowed Blacks to […]

Top 10 Child Rulers in World History

Rulers and monarchs are responsible for the health, welfare, politics and productivity of their entire kingdom. Imagine the pressure an adult would feel, let alone a child. However, there have been a number of ancient child rulers in world history. Many times, this occurs as a result of inheritance and due to the deaths of […]

Top 10 Lost Languages

There are probably millions of people who wonder, at one time or another, how the language that they speak came into existence? That only makes it fair to assume that there are those who wonder about verbal communication in the past. No doubt, man evolved from guttural moan and physical gestures; to words that contained […]

10 Truly Badass Women of the Renaissance

Women have always had a role in history. No matter what corner of the world you search, you can be sure that in the history of any nation, is a woman who left an impact. Whether it was through beauty, chastity or the ability to be cunning and rule with an iron clad fist; there […]

Top 10 Oldest Recorded Histories

While there are many interpretations of “Recorded History” that can be considered in addressing this list, some are bound to prejudices and other limitations to our thinking that cannot be accepted in intelligent conversation. For this reason the list has tried to take into account the Oldest Recorded Histories of as many continents as possible […]

The Top 10 Works of Ancient Literature

Ever since humans mastered the art of recording words in Bronze Age Mesopotamia we have been concocting stories to entertain and inform. This list looks at the very origins of writing, highlighting the top 10 works of ancient literature, with masterpieces from as far back as Sumerian times. Let’s delve into antiquity to see just […]

Top 10 Demonstrations

All over the world people believe that to achieve change we must gather as one force against a cause or issue. It is said that the proof is in numbers. Protestors believe that the larger the group, the more serious politicians will take their demands or complaints. So they gather in the streets for hours, […]

10 Interesting Firearms History Facts

Ever since the invention of gun powder, man has been developing firearms that shoot faster, longer and more accurately than the generation before him. Firearms have become a part of history. They do not confine themselves to the areas of military lore, but enter realms of politics, exploration and adventure. If you have not been […]

Top 10 Amazing Defense Lawyers

I don’t know about you, but when I think ‘defense lawyer’ the first thing that pops into my brain is, ‘How many laws can I break to get the most bang for my buck?’. In other words what sort of crap can I pull before my defense lawyer runs out of believable excuses? Or…you know…runs […]

Top 10 Highly Debated Historical Artifacts

With every new discovery, excitement is generated among plebeians and academics alike. Here are 10 artifacts that have, and continue to, put historical and archaeological scholars with wack-a-doodle theorists in a frenzy of possible theories of why these artifacts came to be and how. 10. Saqqara Bird In 1898 a small bird like figure, known […]