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History & Politics

Top 10 Most Successful Pirate Plunderers in History

We have a love affair with pirates. Since Pirates of the Caribbean hit theaters a few years back, it seems like everywhere there are images of good-natured pirates sailing under the Jolly Roger. But, unfortunately, the movie Pirates presents a less-than-accurate representation of how the plundering life would have really been. The romanticized notion of […]

10 Influential World Leaders You’ve Probably Never Heard About

All hail…what’s that guy’s name? Well, you might not know him, but odds are he’s pretty important in his own country. Even the smallest nations are led by someone, and that person is usually a big deal. The majority of people don’t know anything about other countries’ leaders, especially those that aren’t leading major world […]

Historys 10 Most Influential Comedians

Comedy is, well, funny. The genre has changed tremendously since its debut thousands of years ago, moving from the long plays of ancient Greece to the short one-liners of today’s stand-up comedians. But one thing has remained the same through it all: comedy makes people feel good. And sometimes, it brings people to tears with […]

10 Best Posthumous Awards

Most really big awards, like those given on a national level, are meant to recognize a great accomplishment. These awards give recipients a pat on the back for bravery, good deeds, excellent work, or brilliant ideas. The awarding organization wants award recipients to know the value of their contribution, so it usually helps if the […]

Top 10 National Symbols

Talk about national pride. From flags to designated animals of state, nations go out of their way to distinguish themselves from one another. They’ve made national emblems out of everything. But beyond making nations stand out, patriotic icons can also help outsiders learn a lot about a country with just a quick glance. A fleeting […]

Top 10 Lost Civilizations

There’s something fantastically romantic about the idea of a lost civilization. Perhaps it’s the mystery that surrounds these historical treasures. Personally, I’m always excited by the idea that the world might be a very different place had they survived to influence us today. 10. The Minoans The Minoan civilization is widely regarded to have been […]

Top 10 Ancient Historians

Ever wondered how we know anything about ancient history? Well meet ten of the people who made it possible. It might seem crazy but without people putting things down in words everything would get lost. Archaeology is great, so is science, but none of that’s going to tell you who there names where, where they […]

Top 10 Lessons Learned from World War 2

The Second World War had a drastic and unalterable effect on history, and therefore on our everyday lives. Families ended because of the number of young men and women, children and grandparents who died due to fighting, continuous civilian targeting by bombing campaigns, and accidents. Countries were formed, crippled, invented and destroyed by the aftermath […]

Top 10 Longest Wars

Throughout the history of humans on earth, war has been a seemingly inevitable consequence. Sometimes these wars are extremely brief, but a number of wars have lasted for years – even decades. What makes this list a bit different is that there is a lack of agreement as to how long some of these wars […]

Top 10 Most Infamous Dictators in History

The most influential figures in history have not always fought on the side of good. Often those that influence our lives most of all are dastardly characters, even downright evil. More often than that things are not quite so black and white. Many dictators have begun their struggle for power through a desire to instigate […]

Top 10 Significant Indian People

In a country of a billion mortals and a five-thousand-year-old human civilization, it is not only difficult to choose the top 10, it is simply impossible. Here, we have tried to do the most difficult job in the world, but we sincerely feel a thousand more names could have qualified for these top 10 spots. […]

The Top 10 Last Known Members of a Tribe

Unfortunately, extinction isn’t just for animals. Throughout human history, human tribes and cultures have periodically died out as well. Sometimes, these tribes vanished due to war or conquest. Sometimes, they were simply absorbed into other cultural or ethnic groups. However, even though these tribes are gone, not all of them have been forgotten. Here are […]