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History & Politics

Top 15 Amazing African People

In general our American point of view tends to dominate our knowledge and understanding of our world. Tremendous, charismatic, and transformational leaders, artists, and thinkers however can be found everywhere. The challenge with this list was narrowing the field. There have been countless heroes and heroines that have spoken out against tyranny or struggled for […]

Top 15 Awesome Battles in History

There are many who would say that human history consists of nothing but violence, war, conflict and savagery. I, on the other hand, am an optimist and say that human history is made up of heroic soldiers, awesome battles and propaganda campaigns. Here are the most awesome battes in history: 15. The Battle of the […]

Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Barrack Obamas Family

When ‘regular people’ are drafted up into the limelight it can often be hard to remember they are no different from the rest of us with likes and dislikes, habits and foibles, strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few facts about the Obama family surrounding the first couple that might help the rest of us […]

Top 10 Mysterious Text and Codes

Throughout recorded history humans have used language to share its secrets with the next generations. In some cases however the books, manuscripts, or engraving are stored so effectively that the world changes drastically before the information comes to light. Cultures transform, rulers play musical chairs, and sometimes even whole languages are lost or forgotten. In […]

Top 10 Most Controversial U.S. Supreme Court Rulings

As everyone should know, the United States Supreme Court is the highest court of law in the country, issuing decisions on a whole host of issues that affect the lives of every American. Some of these decisions have not been universally accepted, causing rifts among the populace. At the risk of further deepening those risks […]

Top 10 Worst Military Blunders in History

Civilization has been at war since the dawn of man and it’s been making mistakes for even longer than that. When these two most natural of man’s habits are combined the result is tragedy. When a military blunder is made not only are lives lost but the fate of entire nations can change. 10. The […]