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History & Politics

The True Story Behind 10 Easter and Passover Traditions

Throughout history, springtime has been an important period of celebration for many of the world’s religious faiths and cultural groups. Today, several religions observe major holidays in the weeks around the vernal equinox, each of which is surrounded by an array of long-standing – and sometimes unusual – traditions and practices. Contemporary Easter and Passover […]

How “English” is the Queen of England?

Comedians have long enjoyed making the accusation that Queen Elizabeth is not English but German. It seems like the ultimate irony. But what is the truth behind these accusations? Ok, so it is true that Queen Elizabeth and the House of Windsor are of German ancestry. Originally, the currently reigning British Royal family was known […]

Top 10 Hottest Political Paramours

Politicians seemingly cheat more often than the rest of us (save famous athletes). Some top ten lists seek to explain why. Is it abnormally large…egos? Perhaps it’s unbridled narcissism? Are politicians simply wired for a higher degree of risk taking, both in their private as well as public lives? Not sure. Anyway, this is not […]

Top 20 Fascinating Facts About the American Presidency

The American presidency is said to be one of the toughest jobs in the world and the people who have held it are some of the most fascinating. There is lot more responsibility for a U.S President since they are the Head of State as well as Commander and chief of the armed forces. However, […]

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, a genius, an icon, a man in desperate need of a comb! Most people know a lot about the famous physicist without even trying to. To begin with it’s easy to see that he never owned a comb in his entire adult life, and it is also common knowledge that never wore socks […]

Top 10 Most Misunderstood Figures in History

It is never easy to judge a person, even with all of the facts in place. And so we often leave it to history to make the final judgments. But history rarely gets things right. Although the science of history is all about facts, the modern conception of history is rarely accurate. The perception of past events is so tainted by centuries old propaganda that it can be difficult to discern the truth from our society’s own, colored interpretations. Fortunately, true historians never give up the search from the truth, and are now challenging the long held beliefs of pub quiz experts and so called ‘folk’ history.

Top 10 Historys High Tension Areas

Throughout history, the majority of wars have been fought not through simple expansionism but when two nations both claim to have rights over a certain region. Often the question of whose claim is most justified is extremely complicated and can only be resolved through open conflict. Defining the borders between countries has been a problem […]

Top 10 Most Pointless Wars

War. What is it good for? Well, in many cases, absolutely nothing. Of course sometimes war is a necessity and can be a very effective political tool. The Second World War, for example, was entirely justified (at least from the allied perspective) and was successful in stopping what would have been decades, if not centuries, […]

Top 10 Medieval Kingdoms

Medieval Europe was a chaotic society of feudal and warring kingdoms. This was a time of constant political upheaval and continual, seemingly futile warfare, during which entire kingdoms rose and fell in the blink of an eye. The disorganized nature of the medieval period made it possible for powerful families to gain lands, titles and […]

Top 15 Lost Republics

The term republic simply means a system of government with no hereditary leader, or monarch at its head, usually pertaining to a nation state with such a government in place. Republics may be organized as a federal system or as a centralized government and may be controlled by large-scale democracy, as with most modern governments, […]

Top 10 Ancient Professions Still In Existence

If you asked most people what the world’s oldest profession is, they’d probably say prostitution, but that’s not actually true. If you consider that if a prehistoric man had the urge, he would simply have his way with a woman, without fear of consequence; it becomes clear why that statement is erroneous. It was only […]

Top 20 Stories That Have Made News Headlines

Over the years, there have been stories in the news that have shocked and stunned the American public, and indeed, people around the world. Tales of injustice, triumphs, scandals and lies, all of them have captured the collective imagination, and we’ve followed them avidly in the media. Whether in sports, politics, war or peace, these […]