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Top 10 SNES Video Games for Kids

These days, with computers, Playstation 3, X Box and other new, high tech game platforms, computer and video games are more realistic than ever. Three dimensional graphics, unprecedented game play and a lot of other fancy features have meant that gaming is no longer for kids. It’s a grown up favorite too. The trouble is, […]

Top 10 Ways to Have Courage

Courage is an indefinable thing. It’s not as brash as bravery, and anyone can have it. You can be courageous even if you are the most timid and meek of people, or the most softly spoken. You can have courage by doing nothing, or by speaking your mind. Courage is visible in children, adults, and […]

Top 10 Ancient Professions Still In Existence

If you asked most people what the world’s oldest profession is, they’d probably say prostitution, but that’s not actually true. If you consider that if a prehistoric man had the urge, he would simply have his way with a woman, without fear of consequence; it becomes clear why that statement is erroneous. It was only […]

Top 10 Ways to Stay Focused

Our modern world has brought about many marvels. Technology is evolving faster than ever, making us more connected, medical science is treating and curing more diseases than ever before, we have better lives thanks to modern conveniences, and yet, most of us have less time than ever. We’re so busy taking advantage of all the […]

Top 10 Arguments for Pro Choice

There probably aren’t more issues more emotive than the abortion issue. Pro life campaigners cite the sanctity of life, and that once conceived, even before a bundle of cells becomes an actual person, a fetus automatically has the right to life. Religious groups, politicians, and many other groups and parties are clamoring to have a […]

Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences in the World

Going to prison is something that strikes fear into the heart of most of us. The thought of being incarcerated, our freedom taken away, for even a few months, is enough to keep most of us on the straight and narrow. However, for one reason or another, be it insanity or anger, greed or negligence, […]

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for a Nuclear Holocaust

We all hope it will never happen, that the problems we face globally will be resolved by negotiation and reason. Heck, even outright warfare is preferable to a nuclear holocaust, however, the growing tension in the world, the increase in unhappy factions and the shear brutality and insanity we’ve seen in war in the last […]

Top 10 Shortest Living Organisms

Depending on where you live, and a host of other factors, chances are you can expect a life span of around seventy years, give or take a decade or two. Of course, that’s pretty respectable, if not ideal, and most of us bid our final farewells with a few things still on our to do […]

Top 10 Most Appealing Sounds

Sound, or hearing, is one of only five senses we humans have to interact with the world around us. It is through sound that we perceive much of what happens around us, and our love affair with manipulating sound into music has endured since prehistoric times, when our early ancestors first discovered rhythmic drumming, and […]

Top 10 Ways to Have a Soulful Relationship

Over the years, there have been countless books written on relationship development and improvement. Many of those authors have touched on the subject of injecting soul into a relationship, but that’s a tricky thing indeed. After all, what is the soul? How does it differ from the mind, or indeed the heart? Some might say […]

Top 20 Stories That Have Made News Headlines

Over the years, there have been stories in the news that have shocked and stunned the American public, and indeed, people around the world. Tales of injustice, triumphs, scandals and lies, all of them have captured the collective imagination, and we’ve followed them avidly in the media. Whether in sports, politics, war or peace, these […]

Top 10 Tragic Love Stories in Film and Literature

For some reason or another, most of us are a sucker for a love story, and of those, we tend to gravitate to the sad or tragic ones. A good tear jerker strikes a chord within most of use, reminding us of the fleeting nature of our lives, and the importance of love for all […]