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Top 10 National Symbols

Talk about national pride. From flags to designated animals of state, nations go out of their way to distinguish themselves from one another. They’ve made national emblems out of everything. But beyond making nations stand out, patriotic icons can also help outsiders learn a lot about a country with just a quick glance. A fleeting […]

Top 10 Lost Civilizations

There’s something fantastically romantic about the idea of a lost civilization. Perhaps it’s the mystery that surrounds these historical treasures. Personally, I’m always excited by the idea that the world might be a very different place had they survived to influence us today. 10. The Minoans The Minoan civilization is widely regarded to have been […]

Top 10 Amazing UFO Sightings

The sighting of strange craft, lights and entities over our skies has taken place for centuries now. These mysterious visions have taken many forms and have been explained in a variety of different ways. Many attribute them to bizarre natural phenomenon, others claim that they are visitors from another dimension, even the realm of the […]

10 Games Children Can Play Outdoors

We now live in a world with internet, widescreen TV’s, X-box’s, and cell phones. Although these are wonderful and entertaining bits of technology, they do come at a cost. The latest generation is growing up with a serious lack of social skills. There is a very noticeable drop in physical activity as well. As a […]

Top 10 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying

Not to set out on a low note but there is no definite way to know if someone is lying to you. That’s one of the reasons lie detector tests are not allowed as evidence in court. Every one is different and the signs we can use to detect lies are subject to a lot […]

10 Things You Never Knew About Time

It’s something that we all live it. It rules our schedules, dictating when we work, play, eat, and sleep. We think about it constantly, but it still sneaks up on us. What is this “it”? It’s time. And even though time is engrained into our daily lives, most of us probably don’t know too much […]

Top 10 Things we Spend our Lifetime Doing

If we live to be 70 years old, we get roughly 613,200 hours to live. That’s 365 days, times 70 years, times 24 hours. This is the time we have to enjoy, to love, to weep, to learn and to cry. The quest for ‘the good life’ for the meaning, for fulfillment, and purpose must […]

Top 15 Amazing Asian People

Chinese civilization was flourishing three thousand years ago. The Chinese Ancient Sages were eventually studied by Confucius, and included in his philosophy of living. Confucianism spread all over Asia and changed the course of its history. Buddha was born, and Buddhism spread and grew into many different sects. A number of amazing travelers took Buddhism […]

Top 10 ways to Make Your Car Go Faster

We Americans love our cars. Our cars are rarely just a means of conveyance. We take pride in our cars and see status symbols within them. There are expensive cars and cheap cars. Fast cars and economical cars. For most American men our first cars were used and a little run down. But we always […]

Top 10 Creepiest Movies

Creepy is a feeling. Creepy is an ambience. It is not merely being scared or disgusted. Many filmmakers tend to confuse this. While a creepy movie may be scary, a scary movie may not be creepy at all. It is this difference that separates good films from great films. This list is for those who […]

Top 20 Urban Legends

Everybody likes a good urban legend. They are stories you used to scary friends with while you’re standing around a camp fire, and ones you relive by watching your children as they hear them for the first time. Some are meant as warnings and others are meant to have some greater meaning, but they are […]

Top 10 Worst Fears of All Time

Our worst fears are the bane of the human condition. True, fear and adrenaline can excite us and that is why we ride rollercoaster’s, watch scary movies and seek out adventure, (as much as we can anyway.) But our worst fears are different. They are unwanted, unsought, and have a tendency to always show up […]