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Top 10 Bizarre Fears and Phobias

Fear. Most people crave it, whether it’s going to see a scary movie, walking home through the alley instead of on the sidewalk or taking a deep breath and finally getting on a theme park’s latest insane invention, fear works like a drug. It can make you feel alive, adventurous, or just plain excited. But […]

Top 10 Tips to Win at Chess

Chess looks interesting, gets a lot of good press, and makes people look smart when they play. That’s the general impression anyway. But it turns out to be a complete mystery when you try to play for the first time. The truth is that to win in chess you have to see as far into […]

The Top 10 Last Known Members of a Tribe

Unfortunately, extinction isn’t just for animals. Throughout human history, human tribes and cultures have periodically died out as well. Sometimes, these tribes vanished due to war or conquest. Sometimes, they were simply absorbed into other cultural or ethnic groups. However, even though these tribes are gone, not all of them have been forgotten. Here are […]

Top 14 Lesser Known Credit Bureaus

With the economy crumbling and fortune 500 companies lining up to get a bailout it is hardly surprising that people are beginning to get a lot more interested in the workings of the Credit Bureaus. The fact is that credit and the way people’s credit ratings are decided probably has a lot to do with […]

Top 20 Embarrassing Defeats in Sports

Sports are a grand spectacle, characterized by larger than life athletes, raucous and fiercely loyal fans, and often stunning artistry and creativity, all merging to create a live drama that is arguably the greatest theatre in the world. Sports though are unscripted theatre, and this often to leads to events that shouldn’t happen, that defy […]

Top Ten Ways To Get To Sleep

Sleep. It seems like no one these days is getting enough of it. In fact, though most healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, a recent poll found that a full 20 percent of adults get less than 6 hours each night. In addition to leaving the sleep-deprived tired and […]

Top 15 Amazing African People

In general our American point of view tends to dominate our knowledge and understanding of our world. Tremendous, charismatic, and transformational leaders, artists, and thinkers however can be found everywhere. The challenge with this list was narrowing the field. There have been countless heroes and heroines that have spoken out against tyranny or struggled for […]

Top 15 Awesome Battles in History

There are many who would say that human history consists of nothing but violence, war, conflict and savagery. I, on the other hand, am an optimist and say that human history is made up of heroic soldiers, awesome battles and propaganda campaigns. Here are the most awesome battes in history: 15. The Battle of the […]

Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Barrack Obamas Family

When ‘regular people’ are drafted up into the limelight it can often be hard to remember they are no different from the rest of us with likes and dislikes, habits and foibles, strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few facts about the Obama family surrounding the first couple that might help the rest of us […]

Top 10 Worst Financial Crisis in U.S. History

Your 401(k) is in the crapper, and you are on the window ledge. Well, you can try comfort yourself (if only a little) by remembering that the United States has been through tough times before (often with familiar themes) and has survived…although this current crisis has the potential to dwarf nearly all of them. 10. […]

Top 10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth

Since the beginning of time, humans have pondered the end of the world just as much as they have pondered the beginning of it. As knowledge of our world and the science that explains it has grown, mankind has become much more sophisticated in understanding what kind of phenomena could do enough damage wipe out […]

Top 10 Classical Music Pieces of All Time

For tens of thousands of years, mankind has used music to lure mates, express himself creatively, and soothe his soul. Despite all the different genres of music that has existed throughout the ages, non continues to capture the imagination of humanity’s creative force like classical music. Tens of thousands of works of classical music have […]