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Top 10 Reasons People Hate Flying

More people are taking to the skies than ever before, and while there has never been a safer time to be in the air, many travelers are weary from the hassle of getting to where they need to go. From delayed flights and crowded aircraft to baggage and reservation fees, passenger satisfaction is at an […]

Beautiful Women with Wide Hips

I love women with the pear shaped bodies. Seems that nowadays people are forgetting what makes a woman beautiful. I am going to take this time and remind everyone what makes a woman beautiful. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 […]

Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Want To Be Immortal

“The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.” – quote by Herb Caen. Given the opportunity, would you want to be immortal? It certainly sounds tempting. Death is terrifying to most people. We mortals keep companies in business buying products to make them look younger, feel younger, and live […]

Top 10 Famous African Paintings

African Art is truly the most diverse bequest of planet earth. Though many art critics have often ‘generalized’ African art, but they have grossly overlooked the fact that this continent is a sum of different people and civilizations, which influence the visual interpretations of each area. Despite the diversity in visual interpretation, African art is […]

Top 10 ways to build altruism in children

“Altruism” is the unselfish concern for others, performing acts to benefit others, sacrificing self-interest and not expecting anything in return. Altruistic qualities are important and not cultivated in our society. The world we live in now doesn’t exactly portray rampant altruism. Does your child have awareness for the need to put their interest aside to […]

Top 10 Defunct Sports Teams

Nostalgia and sports go hand in hand with homeruns and slam dunks. There is nothing like going back to the yesteryears when teams that do not exist anymore were the rage. We have compiled a list of sports teams you are not likely to see anymore unless you rent a DVD or watch an episode […]

Top 10 Amazing Defense Lawyers

I don’t know about you, but when I think ‘defense lawyer’ the first thing that pops into my brain is, ‘How many laws can I break to get the most bang for my buck?’. In other words what sort of crap can I pull before my defense lawyer runs out of believable excuses? Or…you know…runs […]

10 Inspiring Acts of Philanthropy

They say that it’s better to give than to receive, but setting aside a little extra for charitable donations can be tough, particularly in the midst of a historically unprecedented economic crisis. Still, there’s something to be said for those who make philanthropy a way of life, whether they’re blessed with a bank account stuffed […]

Top 10 Inexplicable Stone Structures

Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, and the Maoi statues on Easter Island are just a few examples of how ancient man has baffled modern architects, engineers, and archaeologists alike. Huge megalithic temples have been and continue to be discovered which defy our understanding of the intellectual capacities of ancient civilizations. The abilities of ancient man have […]

Top 10 Highly Debated Historical Artifacts

With every new discovery, excitement is generated among plebeians and academics alike. Here are 10 artifacts that have, and continue to, put historical and archaeological scholars with wack-a-doodle theorists in a frenzy of possible theories of why these artifacts came to be and how. 10. Saqqara Bird In 1898 a small bird like figure, known […]

The True Story Behind 10 Easter and Passover Traditions

Throughout history, springtime has been an important period of celebration for many of the world’s religious faiths and cultural groups. Today, several religions observe major holidays in the weeks around the vernal equinox, each of which is surrounded by an array of long-standing – and sometimes unusual – traditions and practices. Contemporary Easter and Passover […]

How “English” is the Queen of England?

Comedians have long enjoyed making the accusation that Queen Elizabeth is not English but German. It seems like the ultimate irony. But what is the truth behind these accusations? Ok, so it is true that Queen Elizabeth and the House of Windsor are of German ancestry. Originally, the currently reigning British Royal family was known […]