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Top 10 Bizarre and Least Understood Mental Illnesses

Psychological illnesses affect millions of people everyday and these people are NOT crazy. They either have physical defect in their brain that can be easily treated or a developmental disorder that appeared at a young age without treatment. This is a list of bizarre or rare mental illnesses. 10. Panic Disorder When it happens you […]

Top 5 Tips for Wilderness Survival

Unexpected events can happen at any time leaving you stranded in the wilderness. A family of four took a trip across country, the father fell asleep while driving and the car went of the main road into thick snow down the embankment. The place in which they crashed no one usually travels that road so […]

Best 70′s and 80′s R&B and Soul Songs

Old School songs of the 70′s and 80′s have always been my favorite. It seems like every time I listen to oldies I always find a forgotten masterpiece hardly anyone has hard before. I have chosen my personal favorites, these are simply the best i have heard on any music bests list and some of […]

Top 10 Worst Military Blunders in History

Civilization has been at war since the dawn of man and it’s been making mistakes for even longer than that. When these two most natural of man’s habits are combined the result is tragedy. When a military blunder is made not only are lives lost but the fate of entire nations can change. 10. The […]

Top 10 Brain Power Food

It appears there may be some association between the foods we eat and the power of our brain. Just like the rest of our bodies, the brain reacts negatively to a constant intake of high-fat and junk foods and prefers to be nourished by a well-balanced diet. 10. Spinach Spinach has been linked to preventing […]

Top 10 Bizarre Allergies

OK, You have found yourself in and out of doctors offices, with no one knowing what is exactly wrong with you. You don’t have a virus, you don’t have an infection and you didn’t hurt yourself. So what could this illness be? An allergy, this is the time our own immune system goes haywire in […]

Top 10 Unusual Place Names

Think the residents in Floyds Knobs, Indiana or Climax, Minnesota have it rough? Wait until you get a load of some of these place names, which undoubtedly make their residents pause before answering the question “Where are you from?” How weird are these names? Looneyville, Texas, Dildo, Canada, and Santa Claus, Indiana didn’t even make […]

Top 10 Unsolved Problems of Science

It is only a matter of time before the unsolvable becomes solved. Many scientist of ancient time thought the earth was flat with a huge water fall at the end, thus discouraged explorers from traveling the sea. Philosophers of the early time could not explain what why a person got sick let alone what the […]

Top 10 Invention that Should be Created for the Internet

The internet and technology in general has come a long way in the past 50 years. The jaws would undoubtedly drop on the greatest minds of the 17th century if they could see how far our society has come. With every great invention people still mourn for enhancements, faster, more accurate, more features, or even […]

Top 5 Most Horrible Prisons on Earth

Penitentiary life is filled with bad and good people. In some cultures it is the norm to put bad seeds away for a long time and then drive them practically insane while they are serving their time. This is the wrong answer to correct the mistakes of criminals. This is a list of the most […]

Top 10 Ways To Be A Woman

These days, women are bombarded by media images telling us what it means to be women. If popular culture is to be believed, we are supposed to look like super-models, put 60 hours a week into a successful, upwardly mobile career, and have stripper poles in our bedrooms. But what does it really mean to […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds

The are millions of cat owners in the world and USA has the most cat owners in the world. Many of the cats that I think are cute are located in Africa and can’t be kept as household so I will keep the list limited to cats that are trainable and not harmful to humans. […]