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Top 10 Best Online Banks

It’s safe to say that the internet has become a part of our daily lives. You can shop, interact with friends and family, look for a significant other, and even earn a college degree all via the internet. One of the online activities that took awhile to catch is online banking. Some of the first […]

Top 10 Harmful Teratogens

The meaning of Teratogens has come from two Greek root words. Terata stands for an abnormally developed and unusually looking fetus, and “-gen” means production. Teratogens are chemical, biological or physical factors that might cause an abnormal development of a fetus in the mother’s womb. Remarkably, during the pregnancy there are a few periods when […]

Human Cloning: Top 10 Arguments

Since the creation of man, he has been in pursuit of the wisdom of God. How God created the earth and the heavens and life are questions that have been messing with the human mind over thousands of years. The development of cloning has provided answers to some these questions. Cloning is a concept that […]

Top 10 Celebrity Baby Photos

Celebrities live out their lives for all to see. We hear and see about celebrities personal lives such as whether they are cheating or getting married, their girlfriend or boyfriends that have done them wrong. Also, other mistakes that makes us glad we are not in the limelight. But, what about the more innocent times […]

10 Common Reasons Men Dislike Cats

Some people genuinely hate cats and many people simply hate a particular cat in their lives and stretch the dislike to the entire species. Men in particular harbour hostile feelings towards felines especially if their significant other owns cats. Cats can actually be the deal breaker when considering a relationship especially if the object of […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Germs

It would be easy to think that in today’s modern world dying from germs would be near impossible. However, the widespread use of antibiotics has caused many germs and viruses to become unresponsive to the use of most antibiotics. For many years too many physicians prescribed antibiotics for the common cold and other mild illnesses […]

10 Common Reasons Additives are put in Food

In our modern world our food is processed, packaged and placed on the shelves and in the refrigerated cases of our supermarkets in pretty front facing rows. As consumers we often forget that tucked into the foods we are buying is a substantial amount of additives. It is disturbing to note that the average North […]

Top 10 Odd Puberty Rituals

Coming of age or reaching puberty is celebrated in many different ways around the world. In some cultures is a very important ritual marked by ceremonies while in other countries it is simply a birthday and the legal age for certain activities. Some of the countries that have distinct rituals also have very unusual rituals […]

Top 10 Most Unusual Food Dishes in the World

Sustenance is found in many different forms in different countries around the world. What one country considers a delicacy another country may consider disgusting. There are dishes served in some areas of the world that many people can’t bear the thought of tasting and others that might seem a bit odd but are actually surprising […]

Top 10 Must Have Baby Items

Having a baby is an exciting time in a womens life. Planning for the baby is just as exciting and with good cause, there are baby things to gather and a nursery to get ready for the little one who is joining the family. While there are necessities such as diapers and clothes, bottles and […]

Top 10 Interesting Cognitive Biases

People like to assume they are logical creatures that make decisions that are well thought out and untainted by extraneous elements. This assumption is true to an extent but all human beings regardless of age, intelligence, sex or nationality are affected by judgement and memory errors. These glitches are called cognitive biases and they often […]

Top 10 Modern Life Changing Inventions

Picking the inventions that changed the way people live is often a matter of opinion. Some people could care less about whether or not they have a cell phone or GPS; on the other hand, it would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t think electricity changed life. Here are the top ten most life […]