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Top 10 Reasons To Fear China

If I asked my father what would be his greatest reason to fear China, he would probably answer that it might clash with the tablecloth. But such “witty” retorts are the things of a time when China could be treated as a distant and almost irrelevant part of the world. Today there are far more […]

Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Cards

When it comes to collectible items and memorabilia, some of the most dedicated collectors have been able to build accumulations that are worth millions of dollars. There is a wide range of items that have increasing values as time goes on, but some of the most popular collectibles on the market today are sports cards. […]

Top 10 Fascinating Concepts Of Cosmology

In creating a list of fascinating concepts of cosmology, it is important to maintain a sense of context. The fascination factor of an idea can be relevant to the ideas and beliefs of the time. On this basis, some concepts that may appear bland today must be viewed in terms of their contemporary ideology. That’s […]

Top 10 Breastaurants

Restaurants have been around for centuries, but recently a new breed of restaurant has become the fastest growing eateries in the dining industry. So much so, they have even created a new name for this particular type of restaurant. This new breed is geared almost exclusively at the male segment of the market and offers […]

Top 10 Minority Medical Experiments

Throughout the history of the world, here have been moments where medical professionals have simply gone too far. With hopes of medical advancements, they have shown blatant disregard for human life. Instead of curing the ill, they have often been the source of disease. 10. Random Vaccination Experiments in Medical History Throughout history there have […]

Top 10 Struggles of People with Disabilities

In 1990, President George H. W. Bush passed the Americans with Disabilities Act that sought to bring to people with disabilities what the Civil Rights Act brought to minorities. It gave people with disabilities a legal footing to demand equal treatment. Since then, good steps have been taken to integrate people with disabilities, such as […]

Top 10 Sexually Inappropriate Moments in Disney Films

There’s a long tradition of Disney animators and story creators sneaking sexual messages or imagery into their animation. Legend says it goes back to the days of the Disney shorts, when artists were upset that they were not given on-screen credits. Since then, even though artists get due credit, it’s still a tradition for overworked […]

Top 10 Lesser known Government Programs

The U.S. government has thousands of programs to cover every conceivable problem. Some of them have noble causes, and others seem like a silly use of government power. Some encounter very little opposition while others face the fiercest dissent. Hidden behind the major programs that gather the most headlines are programs that affect smaller groups […]

Top 10 Myths about the Hatfields and McCoys

The Hatfields and McCoys are legendary families in American folklore. The Civil War-era families lived in a valley divided by the Tug River that separated West Virginia from Kentucky. It’s been 120 years since the feud “ended,” and in that time, the legend of the conflict spread and become embellished to the point that distinguishing […]

Top 10 Most Controversial Paintings

For centuries, artists have been at the forefront of major cultural shifts. They have challenged authority, forces us to reconsider our social conventions, and even taunted traditional methods and ideas of art. As tends to happen, though, most art may shock viewers initially, but over time, the same art comes to be revered as important […]

Top 10 Creatures that Influenced Martial Arts

Martial arts has a long history of associating fighting techniques with animals. Early practitioners in China and Japan mirrored their fighting styles on the observed attack and defense techniques of the animals around them. Each animal has a specific style and collection of techniques that takes into account surroundings and the opponent. A large opponent […]

Top 10 Best Movies Based on Manga

Manga are Japanese comics, similar to comic books and graphic novels, as we know them. Like American comics, manga are often a breeding ground for cartoons, films, and a whole host of other publishing or merchandising avenues. Unlike in America, where comic books themselves are still outside of mainstream (although the film adaptations of comic […]