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Top 10 Misconceptions about Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder describes a mental condition in which an individual can experience extreme moods of either mania or depression. The disorder affects both men and women equally and typically begins between the ages of 15 and 25. Although researchers don’t know the exact cause or causes of bipolar disorder, it does occur more commonly in […]

Top 10 Books Written by Rappers

Rap and hip hop culture is becoming more mainstream everyday. Nowhere is this more evident than in the stodgy Academy Awards, where Three 6 Mafia’s “Hard Out Here For A Pimp” won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2006. Hip hop artists find home in nearly every area of music, whether joining as a […]

Top 10 Villains in the Bible

Few books have done more to influence and inspire humanity than the Bible. As a collection of writings spanning 5,000 years of history, the Bible features some of the most iconic figures of purity and depravity ever imagined. Historical evidence exists for some and not for others, but regardless of their historicity, the people of […]

20 Common Mathematics Topics Explained

The following twenty mathematics topics are discussed in terms of the areas that each might study and the nature of the mathematics involved. As mathematics is a constantly developing and expanding area of study, it is unrealistic to consider that this collection covers every significant area of mathematics and application of mathematics. It is also […]

Top 10 Little Known Musical Instruments

In constructing a list of the Top Ten Little Known Musical Instruments there were some ground rules to consider and some apologies to be handed out in advance. For an instrument to be included it had to be a real instrument that was played reasonably widely within a culture or community. Aunt Mable’s Pocket Zither […]

Top 10 Things Faster than Light

Fans of science fiction know about warp drive. A spacecraft that was equipped with warp drive could warp the space around it and enable it to travel faster than the speed of light. Traveling faster than the speed of light may be a staple of science fiction, but it’s also a frequent topic for actual […]

Top 10 Viking Folklore

As a culture, Vikings have often been misrepresented as a violent and ruthless people. Their reputation for rape and pillage has far outweighed their spiritual and philosophical aspects. Yet, like most successful nations, the Vikings enjoyed a folklore built on mythology and fables. The ten top Viking folklores, building from, ten to one, could well […]

Top 10 Future Robot Ethics Issues

It is easier to believe that we are closer to George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” than Philip K. Dick’s “Blade Runner” as the defense of human rights seems far more tangible than the protection of the rights of robots. It is also fair to point out that, as we haven’t been completely successful in our efforts […]

Top 10 Witch Burnings in History

When we say the ‘Top 10 Witch Burning,’ this is not to say that this is somehow a ‘best of,’ ‘world-greatest,’ or ‘most epic.’ These are the witch-hunt, and the burning at the stake as a result of these hunts. Trials were not fair, presided over by fearful leaders who thought they were losing control. […]

Top 10 Ancient Insects

At the very mention of the Jurassic period, images come to mind of mighty dinosaurs lumbering through the jungle-like forests while flying creatures, with the wingspan of a light aircraft, soar overhead. But rarely do we consider the other end of the spectrum, that is, the smallest creatures of ancient times. It stands to reason […]

Top 10 Gangster Wives/Girlfriends

Bad men need love, too. That’s evident from the many gansgsters who had women in their lives, who loved them unconditionally. Some had women who  loved them enough to live a life of crime with them. Others, had the love of a women who looked passed their criminal activites and simply enjoyed the spoils of […]

Top 10 Influential Medieval Women

Before the Renaissance, women in particular were not recognized widely for their contributions to writing and the arts.  In these medieval times, women were greatly oppressed and the consensus were usually that women were not to be educated at all “Seen but not heard”.  Women were not allowed many privileges that were considered only for […]