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Top 10 Well Written Adult Films

As taboo as the Adult Entertainment Industry is considered, its revenue speaks volumes.  It is one of the highest grossing industries in the country.  Some even believe that it holds enough power to have decided the outcome between the Blu-Ray and HD DVD war to be on top.  If you’re looking for some with the […]

Top 10 Cursed Relics throughout History

When most people associate the word “Cursed” with ancient relics, objects, places, and artifacts, they think of bestselling fiction novels, block buster movies, popular videogames, and of course, “Indiana Jones.” With that said what if there were actual reported cases of unexplainable mishaps related to a painting, necklace, or antique. This is a list of […]

Top 10 Technologies Of The Twenty-First Century

Without a doubt most of the top ten Technologies of the 21st Century are yet to be discovered, which is why considering the top ten technologies so far is so astounding and displays what we have accomplished and will make anyone wonder what we have yet to accomplish throughout the century. In the first ten […]

Top 10 World’s Smallest Machines

It’s all about portability and mobility when it comes to today’s devices. For some reason, we are just enamored when someone manages to combine a small frame with big time technology, power and results. We scanned the entire planet to find some of the world’s smallest gadgets. There was no shortage of useful but really […]

Top 10 Ways Man Try To Play God

Has man gotten beside himself? Or has he gotten ahead of himself? Some would say that there are some things in life and in the world that man has no business having his hand in. Over the years, strides have been made in areas of science and technology that will make one wonder if that […]

Top 10 Things That Rule the World

The world is a big place and at any given point, there are a whole lot of things going on. Wars are being waged, multi-billion dollar decisions are being made, and entire nations are being mobilized for purposes as varied as the human race itself.  The world is essentially a cesspool of constant activity and […]

Top 10 Contributions of the Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party, also known as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was founded on the principles of improving the lives of Black Americans. They emphasized Black Nationalism and equality for all Black people. They combated the racist oppression of White America and fought actively to change the twisted institutions that allowed Blacks to […]

Top 10 Controversial Police Shootings

Police are constantly involved in situations where life and death are determined by split second decisions. Unfortunately, those decisions aren’t always correct or well received by the public. This is especially true in the case of guns and deadly force. Here is a list of what can be considered 10 of the top controversial police […]

Top 10 Child Rulers in World History

Rulers and monarchs are responsible for the health, welfare, politics and productivity of their entire kingdom. Imagine the pressure an adult would feel, let alone a child. However, there have been a number of ancient child rulers in world history. Many times, this occurs as a result of inheritance and due to the deaths of […]

Top 10 Kept Husbands/Boyfriends

There is always talk about women who have married men with money for suspicious reasons or just to live a certain lifestyle. Well, there are definitley some men in the wolrd that many would look at and call “kept”. These men often have nothing until they hook up with a woman of financial substance. Yet, […]

Top 10 Chemical Warfare Agents: Bad Chemistry between Nations

Since the First World War, militaries across the land have strived to be at the forefront of new weaponry and tactics on the battlefield. Chemical weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction, a term we are all familiar with. Their goals of causing mass destruction without sacrificing man power inevitably led to the use of […]

Top 10 Lost Languages

There are probably millions of people who wonder, at one time or another, how the language that they speak came into existence? That only makes it fair to assume that there are those who wonder about verbal communication in the past. No doubt, man evolved from guttural moan and physical gestures; to words that contained […]