Top 10 famous wife beaters

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It has been said that the first time a man hits you he will hit you a second time, and it is best to get out of the relationship as soon as possible. This article is about men who are famous and have abused their women A troubled past has followed these famous names during their entertaining careers. These names were revered household names until they’re fans were split between die hard fans and people who no longer wanted to be associated with them. Some of the famous men have also lost contracts and respect in the media world. A few of the names have tried to put forth an honest effort to change their lives around. In addition, a lot of the abusive relationships surrounding these famous men have been highly publicist.

10. Chris Brown

Chris Brown is one of the most public men ever to abuse a woman. Most of us know of the image of Rhianna, the famous singer beaten by Chris Brown. This famous Singer/rapper lost a contract with a famous Gum company, and lost many of his fans because of the abuse of Rhianna. The couple has since been on again and off again relationship, although there was restraining order put against Chris Brown seeing Rhianna. It has also been reported that the young couple might get married despite the turmoil surrounding their relationship.

9. Ike Turner

Ike Turner was a famous man that abused the famous singer Tina Turner and held many hats as a musician, song writer, arranger, talent scout, and record producer. In the movie,” What’s Love got to do with it” which was an autobiography of sorts of Tina Turner, scenes were shown of the actor that played Ike hitting Tina. Ike turner had a long-term affair with drugs, which may have contributed to his downfalls and abuse. Ike’s last year as a musician was in 2007. He also performed in the 1997 Long Beach Blues Festival.

8. John Daly

John Daly, a golfter has won a lot of prestigious awards such as 1991 rookie of the year and 2004 PGA player of the year. John Daly who was wed 4 times had very hard relationships with his wives. In John Daly’s second marriage he threw his wife against the wall; he was also charged with third degree assault because of it in 1992. John Daly has not admitted to battering any of his wives and has said in his autobiography that he has never hurt a woman.

7. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has won many awards for his acting and directing. He is best known for one of his earlier movies Braveheart. He also directed a controversial movie called Temptation of Christ. Mel Gibson was caught on tape hitting his girlfriend, Oksana. Mel Gibson also admitted to hitting Oksana, his girlfriend at the time twice in the face. In the tape, he was reported to be spouting racial slurs and abusing the young lady mentally as well as physically.

6. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson had 58 fights in his boxing career and 44 knockouts. At the height of his career many learned of the boxer’s abuse of Robin Givens on a Barbara Walters special were an interview of the two was reported on television. Robin Givens proceeded to tell the world of Mike Tyson hitting her and told of the “pure hell” she was in married to the boxer. Shortly after that Robin Givens received a divorce from Mike Tyson. Recently, Mike Tyson has founded a foundation that helps children from broken homes called Mike Tyson Cares.

5. Charlie Sheen

Charlie sheen an actor that was arrested for abusing his wife. This long time actor was once part of the “brat pack” which was comprised of the latest hot actors in Hollywood during the eighties. On Christmas morning in Colorado Charlie Sheen was arrested for domestic violence. There has been other cases, in which he was said to have battered other women in his company. Charlie Sheen is currently working on a television series called Anger Management, and has announced that he will give $1 million to the USO.

4. Ronnie Radke

Rocker Ronnie Radke who grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada is known for song writing, playing various instruments such as guitar, and modeling was arrested for domestic abuse in 2012. Pictured here is his mug shot before he posted bail. Like some on the list Ronnie Radke has admitted to a drug addiction. Currently, Radke threw microphone stands at a crowd at the end of a concert, which some of the former fans in the crows received injuries from.

3. Darryl Strawberry

Darryl Strawberry who was once a famous baseball player that won numerous awards for his outstanding baseball career. He had a troubled life with drugs in the past, and he abused his ex-wife and put a gun to her face during their marriage. He has since been seen on 700 club announcing his faith, and he also tried The Apprentice show, but he was homesick and went home.

2. Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee a Rocker that plays many instruments who was born in Greece has had a very public and dramatic life. He began is rock career with the very famous Motley Crue. His incidents of abuse were against Pamela Anderson a former playmate of Playboy and actress. During Tommy and Pamela’s relationship a much publicist sex tape circled the Internet. Tommy Lee served six months jail time because of his domestic violence against Pamela. Presently, Tommy Lee still performs.

1. Charles Monzon

Carlos Monzon was another famous person that was highly revered, and was a hero to his hometown Argentina. In fact, his town would virtually stop just to hear his fights on the radio. Carlos Monzon, the boxer performed 100 fights and had 59 knockouts. He battered his girlfriends and wives. One of the more publicized fights between him and his wife was when, he threw his wife over the balcony. He even jumped the balcony himself. He served an 11-year sentence for the balcony murder incident. Carlos Monzon died in 1995 because of a car accident.