Top 10 Little Known Musical Instruments

In constructing a list of the Top Ten Little Known Musical Instruments there were some ground rules to consider and some apologies to be handed out in advance. For an instrument to be included it had to be a real instrument that was played reasonably widely within a culture or community. Aunt Mable’s Pocket Zither […]

Top 10 Classical Music Pieces of All Time

For tens of thousands of years, mankind has used music to lure mates, express himself creatively, and soothe his soul. Despite all the different genres of music that has existed throughout the ages, non continues to capture the imagination of humanity’s creative force like classical music. Tens of thousands of works of classical music have […]

Top 10 Best Alternative Rock Bands of the 90s

The 1990s was the decade that returned the music world to the era of heavy guitar licks and angst-driven music. The recession that closed in on the global economy early in the decade filtered into the new music scene and the bubble pop and big hair bands of the 80s slowly made way for music […]