Top 10 Well Written Adult Films

Suggested by SMS

As taboo as the Adult Entertainment Industry is considered, its revenue speaks volumes.  It is one of the highest grossing industries in the country.  Some even believe that it holds enough power to have decided the outcome between the Blu-Ray and HD DVD war to be on top.  If you’re looking for some with the best plots, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten well written films for you that include some of the most infamous ones ever.

10. Briana Loves Jenna

“Brianna Love Jenna” was directed by Jay Grdina, stars Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks and was released in 2001.  It was the first movie produced by Club Jenna and marked a return for Jameson to the big screen after a break of almost two years.


Obviously it centers around the love affair of Briana and Jenna.  They end up having relationship problems, and although plot-wise this lacks a bit than others in the list, the cinematography makes up for it, which lands it on this list.  Jenna had, at this point, agreed only to do boy/girl if it involved her husband, Grdina, at the time, so the chemistry on set is unbeatable.  There’s a connection between Briana and Jenna right off the bat, and of course between Jenna and Grdina.  This, along with the cinematography, makes the film one of Jenna’s best ever.  It gets so steamy on set; you can’t help but get turned on.

9. Behind the Green Door

“Behind the Green Door” was directed by Artie Mitchell and Jim Mitchell, stars Marilyn Chambers and was released in 1972.  It can be credited to one of the three films Dirk Diggler is known for appearing in, and is part of the “Golden Age of Porn”.  The title is a reference to the 1956 hit song “The Green Door”.


It begins with two truck drivers being asked to tell the story of the green door.  In it Gloria (played by Chambers) is kidnapped and taken to a “sex theatre” where’s she’s placed behind a thick curtain.  When the curtain rises, she’s forced to act out various sex acts with the people on stage while a masked audience looks on.  At one point, women in robes come out and begin molesting her.  The audience is so turned on; they begin having sex with each other.  The story ends with the truck driver saving Gloria, after which they end up making passionate love.

This movie is said to be the first to ever feature an interracial scene and even boasts a facial shot that lasts for seven minutes in slow motion

8. Space Nuts

“Space Nuts” was directed by Jonathon Morgan, stars Stormy Daniels and was released in 2003.  Obviously loosely based on the epic movie “Star Wars” mixed with a bit of “Star Trek”.  Touted as many as some of the best makeup and special effects put into an adult film.


Princess Hubba Hubba has been given the task of defending the universe against Evil Overlord and his assistant, Darkwitch.  Princess Hubba Hubba’s only companions are Android Jeeves and Buzz StarFockker.  They have a very exciting, sex-filled adventure through the solar system before Princes Hubba Hubba gets kidnapped by Evil Overlord with the intention of marrying her and becoming heir to the Clitorian solar system.  Android Jeeves and Buzz StarFockker join forces to rescue her before it’s too late.  This is a complete parody, but one done very well.

7. Island Fever

“Island Fever” was directed by Joone, stars Tera Patrick and was released in 2001.  Though not exactly plot-oriented, the cinematography has been noted as being excellent making up for lack of dialogue.  Shot on location in Tahiti and Bora Bora, the exotic locations themselves will suck you in through every breath taking shot.


The whole story surrounds three beautiful island goddesses, Tera Patrick, Brianna Banks, and Julie Ann.  They’ve enjoyed the island to themselves for some time, and are interrupted in their own pleasure making by two men who get stranded on their island and soon find themselves in over their heads with these sex craved immortals.  Each sex scene takes place in a different setting, allowing you to not only see the beauty that these islands have to offer, but also what the beauties have to offer in different scenery.  From waterfalls to deserts, forests to rocky mountains, these goddesses are up for a good, wet time no matter where the men travel to.  It’s not just lust, it’s purely island fever.

6. Dream Quest

“Dream Quest” was directed by Brad Armstrong, stars Jenna Jameson and was released in 2000.  This movie marked her twenty-fifth film of Jameson’s career.  It has been called a combination between “Legend” and “Labyrinth” and Jameson maintains an ethereal presence throughout the movie.


Sarah is lying in bed one night with her cat pondering whether love really exists.  She suddenly finds herself pulled into another world by magical fairies.  They need her help to save fantasy from the evil Vladmir.  She finds herself a sudden extrovert when she encounters a three-some shortly after entering the realm.  She finds her way through a castle and into some woods where she finds herself involved in many sexual exploits before finally being captured by the evil Vladmir.  He forces her to become his wife, yet she somehow still manages to free fantasy, defeat Vladmir and make it back to her reality.  She comes back a changed woman and decides to show her boyfriend exactly what she’s learned while in the other realm.

Reviews were mixed as some touted this to be Jameson’s finest work and other’s thought it lacked a lot of content.  Either way, with the empire Jameson built for herself, it is still one of the most popular movies, not only of hers, but overall and does have a good plot.

5. Pirates

“Pirates” was directed by Joone, stars Jesse Jane and was released in 2005.  The movie references several times to the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”.  The producer, Joone, was quoted as saying that this was the most expensive adult film of all time.


The movie takes place is 1763 and opens with Captain Edward Reynolds on the hunt of pirates.  His only ally, though being the captain, is his first mate, Jules.  They end up picking up a woman lost at sea, Isabella, who tells them their ship was destroyed by the feared Captain Victor Stagnetti.  Reynolds takes after Stagnetti.  Stagnetti is on a hunt, himself, for a map that will lead to a secret island somewhere in the Caribbean.  Supposedly, this island holds a secret “staff” that Isabella’s father had unlocked.  Stagnetti becomes so desperate to find this, he summons up spawns of darkness.  His crew then turns on him, bent on escaping what he’s unleashed.  Oh, and there a bunch of sex mixed in with all the action.  Although the sex scenes are not the best, the plot line and acting are far better.

The New York Times described the film as “a relatively high-budget story of a group of ragtag sailors who go searching for a crew of evil pirates who have a plan for world domination. Also, many of the characters in the movie have sex with one another.”

4. Flashpoint

“Flashpoint” was directed by Brad Armstrong, stars Jenna Jameson and was released in 1998.  This is one of Jenna’s most favored features.  Though in the beginning of her career, she was simply known for her “skills”, by the time she made this particular film, she had already established herself as an actress (though primarily in adult films) as well.


Jenna is introduced after an accident kills someone close to her.  She works as a firefighter and along with fellow firefighters attend the funeral of their friend.  Her boss hits on her, and though we find out later they used to have a “thing”, she turns him down and turns to one of her coworkers who ends up consoling her later at the firehouse.  The other firefighters hear the commotion and decide to console each other as well.  There’s a huge orgy scene (has been hailed as one of the best shot orgy scenes ever) that takes place on, in, and around one of the trucks.  Throughout the tireless sex scenes, Jenna is being investigated by the arson squad in connection with several fires after her nametag is found at a scene her company did not put out.  At one point, she’s helping put out a fire when she freezes up, later chalking it up to a flashback of when her sister drowned.  Her character is extremely complex, and a bit crazy, maybe?

3. The Devil in Miss Jones

“The Devil in Miss Jones” was directed by Gerard Damiano, stars Georgina Spelvin and was released in 1973.  Georgina Spelvin was considered fairly old for the industry when she made this film at the age of thirty-six, but that didn’t stop it from grossing over seven million in the box office.  This was also the third film Gerard Damiano directed, the others being “Deep Throat” and “Behind the Green Door”.


Justine Jones is a lonely spinster who takes her own life due to loneliness.  Though she led a pure life, she committed suicide which left her trapped in Limbo.  She makes a deal with an angel named Mr. Abaca that will allow her entrance to Hell if she returns to earth as the embodiment of lust.

She learns the ways of passion and pain from someone name “The Teacher” and embarks on an escapade of sexual encounters.  Her time on earth comes to an end with a wild three-some after which she’s pulled back to Limbo.  Mr. Abaca promises her that her time in Hell will be “quite comfortable….”, however, she soon finds herself trapped in a room with an impotent and uninterested man who’s only focus is the imaginary flies.  She begs and begs him for sex, given her new-found lust for it, but soon realizes she’s doomed to an eternity of celibacy.

2. Debbie Does Dallas

“Debbie Does Dallas” was written by Jim Clark, stars Bambi Woods and was released in 1978.  It’s regarded as one of the most popular adult films of all time, next to “Deep Throat” and was released during what’s being called the “Golden Age of Porn”.  The team Bambi’s character is wanting to try out for is the Texas Cowgirls; Bambi had, in real life, tried out for and been rejected by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.


A young cheerleader, Debbie Benton, is the head cheerleader at her high school when she’s accepted to try out for the Texas Cowgirls.  Unfortunately, her parents refuse to pay for the trip out there, so Debbie and her friends decide to get jobs and refuse sex with their boyfriends until the money is raised.  They form “Teen Services” and offer to do work around town.

Things don’t go as well as they’d hope and their boyfriends get a little tired of being turned down.  On a whim, Debbie makes a few bucks off of her boss for allowing him access to her breasts and convinces the other girls they should start earning the money by offering sexual favors.  Between sex-starved boyfriends, and a group of young, hot cheerleaders offering sex for money, the movie turns into one crazy sexual adventure.

1. Deep Throat

“Deep Throat” was directed by Gerard Damiano, stars Linda Lovelace and was released in 1972.  After its release, it was heralded by many prominent actors and actresses as well as several large newspapers.  The pseudonym “Deep Throat” was even given to an informant during the Watergate controversy.  It grossed between thirty and fifty million dollars in the box office.  It’s also widely known due to the appearance of the actor known as Dirk Diggler.


A young woman, Linda (she plays herself, Linda Lovelace) is upset over never having experienced an orgasm.  She goes to her friend, Helen, to seek advice on how to achieve one, so Helen sets up a sex party, but nothing seems to help.  Linda then turns to a doctor who ends up discovering that her clitoris is actually located in her throat.  He proceeds to help her learn how to achieve climax by “deep throating” as part of her treatment.  She’s so overwhelmed and excited by this that she asks him to marry her.  He declines, but offers her a job as his secretary so she could try to find a husband by “deep throating” the male patients – the whole time the doctor is documenting all of her exploits and having sex with his with his nurse, Carol, while doing so.  The movie ends with: “The End. And Deep Throat to you all.”

Though the most popular, and undeniably the best written were the ones from the era where acting was actually required alongside the sex scenes, some of the directors in the last decade have been trying to bring back the storyline, as some are simply getting tired of meaningless sex… well, maybe not meaningless, but a good backstory always helps build the hype.