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History & Politics

Top 10 Historical Beheadings

Beheading is the oldest form of execution known to man. Since the beginning of time, those convicted of crimes were sentenced to death by decapitation. These sentences were carried out by hand, until the time of the French Revolution. It was then, in 1791, that Joseph-Ignace Guillotine, invented the death machine that bore his name. […]

Top 10 Barbarian Raids in History

Most of the infamous barbarian raids took place during what is called Europe’s ‘Migration Period,’ which took place over a 400 year span, beginning around 390 AD. Groups such as the Goths, Franks, Suebi, Vandals, and Mongols worked to find their place in the world, specifically for social and agricultural regions. Britain and the Roman […]

Top 10 Wars in the Name of Love

The paradox of “A War Started In The Name Of Love” is best illustrated in the protest movement of the sixties, “Make Love, Not War”. But the strength of emotion that can possess men when feelings of love are stirred can drive them to the most illogical of actions, war being the absolutely clearest example. […]

The Top 10 Benefits of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)

In the development and implementation of any new law there will always be detractors. This is especially true in a situation where an Act, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is aimed squarely at businesses as powerful as that of the Health Insurance industry. Yet, the opposition that carries significant political might […]

Top 10 Problems with Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

Since it was first signed into law by President Obama in March of 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been the topic of controversial discussion that has been criticized and argued over by millions of people. There is a long list of problems that people have emphasized over the past two years, […]

Top 10 Reasons To Fear China

If I asked my father what would be his greatest reason to fear China, he would probably answer that it might clash with the tablecloth. But such “witty” retorts are the things of a time when China could be treated as a distant and almost irrelevant part of the world. Today there are far more […]

Top 10 Lesser known Government Programs

The U.S. government has thousands of programs to cover every conceivable problem. Some of them have noble causes, and others seem like a silly use of government power. Some encounter very little opposition while others face the fiercest dissent. Hidden behind the major programs that gather the most headlines are programs that affect smaller groups […]

Top 10 Myths about the Hatfields and McCoys

The Hatfields and McCoys are legendary families in American folklore. The Civil War-era families lived in a valley divided by the Tug River that separated West Virginia from Kentucky. It’s been 120 years since the feud “ended,” and in that time, the legend of the conflict spread and become embellished to the point that distinguishing […]

Top 10 Viking Folklore

As a culture, Vikings have often been misrepresented as a violent and ruthless people. Their reputation for rape and pillage has far outweighed their spiritual and philosophical aspects. Yet, like most successful nations, the Vikings enjoyed a folklore built on mythology and fables. The ten top Viking folklores, building from, ten to one, could well […]

Top 10 Witch Burnings in History

When we say the ‘Top 10 Witch Burning,’ this is not to say that this is somehow a ‘best of,’ ‘world-greatest,’ or ‘most epic.’ These are the witch-hunt, and the burning at the stake as a result of these hunts. Trials were not fair, presided over by fearful leaders who thought they were losing control. […]

Top 10 Ancient Insects

At the very mention of the Jurassic period, images come to mind of mighty dinosaurs lumbering through the jungle-like forests while flying creatures, with the wingspan of a light aircraft, soar overhead. But rarely do we consider the other end of the spectrum, that is, the smallest creatures of ancient times. It stands to reason […]

Top 10 Gangster Wives/Girlfriends

Bad men need love, too. That’s evident from the many gansgsters who had women in their lives, who loved them unconditionally. Some had women who  loved them enough to live a life of crime with them. Others, had the love of a women who looked passed their criminal activites and simply enjoyed the spoils of […]