Top 10 Significant Numbers in the Bible

For years, people have studied the numbers used throughout the Bible to gain an understanding of the significance of particular numbers. Some people believe that the importance of numbers can then be applied to our lives. What are some of these unique numbers and what do they represent? Read on! 10. The Number 9 (Judgment) […]

Top 10 Most Feared Places after Death

There are few people in the world that aren’t thanatophobic at one time or another. In fact, many fear death almost every time it’s mentioned. We might brush over it with whimsy or bravado, but there will always be a chill that touches some part of our mind when we consider facing the abyss. Those […]

Top 10 Most Desired Places after Death

While Ancient Greeks dreamed of romantic fields of serenity and others yearn for the birth place of a child as the place they would like to reside after death, the idea of facing this event over and over for all eternity could take the luster from it. It’s more likely we would like to experience […]

Top 10 Villains in the Bible

Few books have done more to influence and inspire humanity than the Bible. As a collection of writings spanning 5,000 years of history, the Bible features some of the most iconic figures of purity and depravity ever imagined. Historical evidence exists for some and not for others, but regardless of their historicity, the people of […]

Top 10 Ways Man Try To Play God

Has man gotten beside himself? Or has he gotten ahead of himself? Some would say that there are some things in life and in the world that man has no business having his hand in. Over the years, strides have been made in areas of science and technology that will make one wonder if that […]

Top 10 Examples of Religious Persecution

Religious persecution is a common occurrence in the history of man. Being abused, mistreated or even killed for having a difference in religious beliefs, connections or lack of them, is all too common; even in many lands today. One’s religious views can be seen as a direct extension of their moral fiber. When it comes […]

Top 10 Touching Bible Stories

Even among those who would consider themselves to be atheist or agnostic, it would be difficult for anyone to call the Bible anything short of a fantastic piece of literature. Some of the stories contained in it are filled with beautiful imagery, intriguing foreshadowing, lyrical poetry, and a host of other stellar literary devices. However, […]

Top 10 Lesser Known Religions

Many have heard of Christianity, Baptist, Buddhism, Mormonism, and so on. Have you heard of a religion based on spirits, dreaming, or even the religion of the earth being represented as a turtle? This list covers religions that people practice all over the world and some ancient religions such as, Zoroastrianism. Diversity in religion is […]