Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Cards

When it comes to collectible items and memorabilia, some of the most dedicated collectors have been able to build accumulations that are worth millions of dollars. There is a wide range of items that have increasing values as time goes on, but some of the most popular collectibles on the market today are sports cards. […]

Top 10 Defunct Sports Teams

Nostalgia and sports go hand in hand with homeruns and slam dunks. There is nothing like going back to the yesteryears when teams that do not exist anymore were the rage. We have compiled a list of sports teams you are not likely to see anymore unless you rent a DVD or watch an episode […]

Top 20 Embarrassing Defeats in Sports

Sports are a grand spectacle, characterized by larger than life athletes, raucous and fiercely loyal fans, and often stunning artistry and creativity, all merging to create a live drama that is arguably the greatest theatre in the world. Sports though are unscripted theatre, and this often to leads to events that shouldn’t happen, that defy […]