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20 Brilliant Quotes by Wealthy People

The wealthy are not always the smartest or most articulate people in the room, but we all like to listen to them—largely because we want to see if they’ll tell us how they got wealthy so we can join their club. Unfortunately, simply listening to the wealthy can’t make you rich, but it is very […]

Top 10 famous wife beaters

It has been said that the first time a man hits you he will hit you a second time, and it is best to get out of the relationship as soon as possible. This article is about men who are famous and have abused their women A troubled past has followed these famous names during […]

Top 10 Day Jobs of Serial Killers

Serial killers are just like everybody else when they’re not murdering innocent people. They have to work for a living. Even a bloodthirsty maniac needs to put food on the table and pay the rent or the mortgage. Such paraphernalia as guns, ropes, chains, knives, ammunition, and shovels also costs money. So how do serial […]

10 Exciting Technologies that Could Change the Entire World

We’ve all seen how computers, cell phones, the internet, and other new technologies have changed our lives and revolutionized business and industry. Here are ten up-and-coming technologies with the potential to make even greater changes. 10. 3-D Printing This could potentially be the most disruptive technology introduced since the personal computer. A 3-D printer is […]

Top 10 People Destroyed by Rumors

Rumors can be one of the most destructive forces on the face of the earth. Every day, people’s lives, careers, businesses, and futures are destroyed by rumors. Not even the rich and powerful are safe from rumors. Rumors don’t even have to be true to destroy a life. Even allegations of wrongdoing can wreck a […]

Top 10 Historical Beheadings

Beheading is the oldest form of execution known to man. Since the beginning of time, those convicted of crimes were sentenced to death by decapitation. These sentences were carried out by hand, until the time of the French Revolution. It was then, in 1791, that Joseph-Ignace Guillotine, invented the death machine that bore his name. […]

Top 10 Barbarian Raids in History

Most of the infamous barbarian raids took place during what is called Europe’s ‘Migration Period,’ which took place over a 400 year span, beginning around 390 AD. Groups such as the Goths, Franks, Suebi, Vandals, and Mongols worked to find their place in the world, specifically for social and agricultural regions. Britain and the Roman […]

Top 10 Significant Numbers in the Bible

For years, people have studied the numbers used throughout the Bible to gain an understanding of the significance of particular numbers. Some people believe that the importance of numbers can then be applied to our lives. What are some of these unique numbers and what do they represent? Read on! 10. The Number 9 (Judgment) […]

Top 10 Most Feared Places after Death

There are few people in the world that aren’t thanatophobic at one time or another. In fact, many fear death almost every time it’s mentioned. We might brush over it with whimsy or bravado, but there will always be a chill that touches some part of our mind when we consider facing the abyss. Those […]

Top 10 Internet Rivalries

In the wonderful world of business, thousands of different companies compete against each other in the same market or industry with similar markets in a continuous battle to see who will come as the winner. They may sell similar (if not, the same) products as their competitors but will invest millions of dollars every year […]

10 Fascinating Philosophy Concepts

The love of wisdom is the accurate translation of “philosophy” from the ancient Greek, but since then it has come to mean the processes and ideas through which we address questions and problems that arise within the human condition. Some philosophies are founded in our most basic and natural ideals, others are the product of […]

Top 10 Unconventional Methods of Warfare

There were times in history when war was a more conventional way of life than peace. These experiences established a form of warfare that appealed to the nobility and the shape of war became symmetric. Wars were fought between two armies on a battlefield. The armies were of similar size, the technology was of a […]