Visual & Performing Arts

Top 10 Famous Korean Paintings

Art has been a part of Korean culture for centuries. Definitely influenced by the Chinese, it is ironic that the two countries have never had periods where they were both producing great art work and artists at the same time. Korean artists used the influence of the Chinese to create their own styles. Using this, […]

Top 10 Famous African Paintings

African Art is truly the most diverse bequest of planet earth. Though many art critics have often ‘generalized’ African art, but they have grossly overlooked the fact that this continent is a sum of different people and civilizations, which influence the visual interpretations of each area. Despite the diversity in visual interpretation, African art is […]

Top 20 Beautiful Female Nude Artwork

The female body is a beautiful work of art and only master painters have the skill to display it on canvas. Some of these paintings are priceless which are done by brilliantly by painters and sculptors. Many of these paintings hold a hidden meaning which mean different things to other people. Thats what make these […]