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Top 10 Best Movies Based on Manga

Manga are Japanese comics, similar to comic books and graphic novels, as we know them. Like American comics, manga are often a breeding ground for cartoons, films, and a whole host of other publishing or merchandising avenues. Unlike in America, where comic books themselves are still outside of mainstream (although the film adaptations of comic […]

Top 10 Creepiest Movies

Creepy is a feeling. Creepy is an ambience. It is not merely being scared or disgusted. Many filmmakers tend to confuse this. While a creepy movie may be scary, a scary movie may not be creepy at all. It is this difference that separates good films from great films. This list is for those who […]

Top 10 Awsome Movies You Have Never Saw

Everyone loves the movies, but no one has time to see every movie that comes out. Inevitably, there are movies that fall through the cracks, and you just never get around to seeing them. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to let you know of 10 movies that you’ve likely heard of but probably missed. Put […]

Top Ten Movie Pet Peeves

No, we’re not talking about people talking through the coming attractions and yapping on their cell phones during the movies, though those things are certainly annoying enough to warrant their own Top Ten list. We’re talking about things that go on in the movies themselves that make us want to toss what’s left of our […]

Top Ten Best Classic Cartoons

There was a time not long ago when Saturday mornings meant getting up early, grabbing a mixing bowl of Captain Crunch and settling in front of the television for a marathon of cartoons. This was a time before 24 hour/day cable toon networks when three or four stations were competing for the interest of a […]

Top 10 Hottest Flavor of Love Girls

Flavor of Love is one of my favorite shows and gotta say there are some cute girls on FOL. I gotta say this show was a nice breath of fresh air from the everyday celebrity rush. I am into more thick girls and almost every girl you see on TV is skinny and look like […]

10 Good Looking Celebrities that Played Ugly

Here are 10 celebrities that played nerd or ugly parts either in a movie or on TV. Amazing how these actors and actresses can change their appearances. I will include before and after pictures in each item. Enjoy!! 10. America Ferrera Movie/Show: Ugly Betty Betty Suarez has always had one goal in life: to make […]

Top 10 Best Episodes of The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is one of the most popular and best-loved programs in the history of television. Unique, original, and decades ahead of its time, the original Twilight Zone only lasted five seasons, but produced such ground-breaking television that its stories are still being recycled, parodied, and talked about today. Ask ten Twilight Zone fans […]