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Top 10 famous wife beaters

It has been said that the first time a man hits you he will hit you a second time, and it is best to get out of the relationship as soon as possible. This article is about men who are famous and have abused their women A troubled past has followed these famous names during […]

Top 10 Day Jobs of Serial Killers

Serial killers are just like everybody else when they’re not murdering innocent people. They have to work for a living. Even a bloodthirsty maniac needs to put food on the table and pay the rent or the mortgage. Such paraphernalia as guns, ropes, chains, knives, ammunition, and shovels also costs money. So how do serial […]

Top 10 Mysterious Police Cases Solved By Psychics

Some police officers and law enforcement agencies seem to have trouble acknowledging the contributions of psychics to the solving of crimes. Mean spirited and cheerless skeptics appear to take pride in underlining the occasions when the work of psychics is inaccurate or duplicates information already discovered. But there are cases where there can be no […]

Top 10 Law Enforcement Agencies Explained

The objective of being able to “protect and serve” the people definitely not something that is specifically tasked to only police officers in your local precincts. There is an abundance of different law enforcement agencies at work behind the scenes, doing all that they can on a daily basis to make sure this objective is […]

Top 10 Gangster Wives/Girlfriends

Bad men need love, too. That’s evident from the many gansgsters who had women in their lives, who loved them unconditionally. Some had women who  loved them enough to live a life of crime with them. Others, had the love of a women who looked passed their criminal activites and simply enjoyed the spoils of […]

Top 10 Mommy Dearest: Mothers Who Kill Their Children

What makes a mother kill her children? How can a woman find it in her heart to destroy someone that she is supposed to love, with every fiber of her being? When does a mother’s mind stop knowing the difference between right in wrong, when it comes to harming what has come from her own […]

Top 10 Arguments for the Death Penalty

The Death Penalty has existed long before 2500 BC, when Hammurabi was the first to create written law. Before that time, it’s likely that if a person committed a capital crime, such as murder or theft, they were executed to maintain harmony in the community and to bring solace to those who knew the victim. What defines a capital punishment offense varies per culture, such as horse-stealing being a capital offense in the 1800’s American West, and some of these offenses even define the culture itself.

Top 10 Arguments Against the Death Penalty

In countries, provinces, or states where it’s still legal, the death penalty will always be a controversial issue. Be it a religious debate, a legal debate, or a moral debate, the question surrounding the death penalty always returns to the core issue of a government’s right to kill a person for committing a capital offense […]

Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences in the World

Going to prison is something that strikes fear into the heart of most of us. The thought of being incarcerated, our freedom taken away, for even a few months, is enough to keep most of us on the straight and narrow. However, for one reason or another, be it insanity or anger, greed or negligence, […]

Top 5 Most Horrible Prisons on Earth

Penitentiary life is filled with bad and good people. In some cultures it is the norm to put bad seeds away for a long time and then drive them practically insane while they are serving their time. This is the wrong answer to correct the mistakes of criminals. This is a list of the most […]